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DmC: Devil May Cry Definitive Edition Review

DmC: Devil May Cry Definitive Edition is a remake of a game released 2 years ago, January 2013. Why? Because remakes sell like hotcakes...
hannspree sports watch

Hannspree Announces Super Cheap Smartwatch

Hannspree has unveiled its new Sports Watch at a staggeringly low cost of just £29.99. This is even more significant after Apple confirmed the prices of its smartwatches a few weeks ago. The base model for the Apple Watch is £299 and goes up to £13,500. Of course you aren't going to get the kind of functionality or 18ct gold construction like on those watches, but the Sports Watch does offer enough to be classed as a 'smartwatch'.

Jay-Z’s Tidal May Give Spotify Something to Worry About

Spotify has forever been the front runner in music streaming with many hoping to knock the service of off the podium but failing, even when pop-star Taylor Swift decided to ditch the service due to the way the company handles its royalties didn't stop people flocking to the service. Now however, there may be a contender in the form of Tidal, a music streaming service which was recently picked up by Jay-Z and is set to be relaunched with the support of many, many musicians.

World of Warcraft Goes Old-School with Timewalking Dungeons

Whether you're a ten-year veteran or relative newcomer to World of Warcraft, you may be excited to hear that Blizzard are offering a chance...
ksafe feature

kSafe, the Connected Safe that Keeps you Motivated, Launches on Kickstarter

When I originally heard about kSafe, I was offered the pitch that the safe could be used to keep you more active, help you complete goals, or in some cases keep things away from people for a certain amount of time. The reason for this is because the kSafe is more than just a safe that you can lock and unlock with your smartphone, the kSafe can give you the biggest challenge of your life.

Say Goodbye to Bezels on Oppo’s next Smartphone

Initially, two photos of the phone were leaked by Anzhuo. They showed it being held in both hands with the first one being taken when swiping through the home screens. Normally after something like this, the general advice is to take it with a pinch of salt because of Photoshop and whatnot.

Microsoft announce their own PC-on-a-stick

Turn any monitor or TV into a Windows 10 PC with PC on a stick One of the most intriguing tech releases of the past...
HTC logo

Leaked Images of HTC One M9 Plus?

HTC officially announced the HTC One M9 earlier this week, but we have not heard anything about the rumoured higher-end version, the M9 Plus....

Massive Pokémon Rumble World password leak – get your free Pokémon...

If you've been playing Pokémon Rumble World for a fair few hours these codes might not be so useful, but if you're new then...

Facebook Introduces Friend Payments in Messenger app

The company is adding a new service to the Messenger application to let you make debit card payments to friends. When the payment system has been fully rolled out, there will be a '$' next to the voice memo button in a Messenger conversation. Press it, choose the amount you want to send, press 'Pay' and enter your card details. There are a couple of optional security options such as adding a PIN before each payment or the Touch ID verification.
apple computer

Awesome GIF of the Apple Website in 1998

This GIF is a pretty awesome throwback to Apple's past Perfectly preserved in the internet archives is this GIF of Apple's website exactly how it...
HTC logo

HTC to Announce the HTC One E9?

Although the HTC One M9 was only announced at the start of the month, the company could be set to release its cousin, the One...

Project: Session is the Skate Spot-based Game We’ve Been Looking For

With the launch of the first Tony Hawk's Pro Skater game for a number of years, all eyes are back onto the gnarly world of skateboarding as the nostalgia of the Pro Skater and Skate series comes flipping back into our minds, and while the Pro Skater series is going strong, the Skate series has all but disappeared, until now.

Are You an ‘Inactive’ Facebook User? You’re Not Alone

According to a recent survey conducted by GlobalWebIndex, half of those surveyed said they were using Facebook less than before, and over a quarter...
spongebob squarepants

SpongeBob SquarePants and Co. Reimagined as Anime Characters Isn’t as Odd...

Have you ever wondered what SpongeBob SquarePants and Co. would look like if they somehow managed to take-on a human form? Me neither, but Chinese artist XiaozuoZ obviously has and has taken it upon himself to actually draw the colourful cast as a series of human-like anime characters - and it's not as weird as I thought it would be.

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