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Halo Feature

The Halo Series has Shipped 65 Million Copies

With the launch of Halo 5: Guardians coming in just a few short months, Microsoft has this week revealed that the entire Halo series overall, has sold around 65 million copies worldwide. Are you surprised? Probably not.
party1 hero

Xbox One owners get game streaming with Windows 10

Microsoft have announced that new game streaming features revealed last month will now be available to any Xbox One owners who have a Windows...
Unreal Engine 4

Epic Games Forum Attacked by hackers

Epic Games have contacted forum members to inform them that personal information has been compromised following a hacker attack on their forum. Epic Games...

METRICO is Coming to Xbox One, PS4, and Steam

Digital Dreams has today announced that its infographic-based platform puzzler, METRICO, is scheduled to arrive on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Steam in Q1 2016.
rocket league

Rocket League Could be Coming to Xbox One

Like me, have you been hearing everyone talk about a game called Rocket League? Have you been seeing all of the gifs, images, and videos of epic shots? Have you been wondering exactly when Rocket League will be coming to Xbox One? Well so have I. Fortunately it could be happening, maybe.

UK Gaming Charts: Rory McIlroy PGA Tour Scores a Hole in...

Let's face it, out of all of the games launching this year, we really didn't think Rory McIlroy PGA Tour would score the number one spot in the UK gaming charts, but hey, stranger things have happened. Though it probably helps that it's the only current-gen golf game.

Unreleased Crash Bandicoot Cartoon Arrives Online

Have you ever wondered why Naughty Dog hasn't made a Crash Bandicoot game as of late? Well, it might be something to do with the fact that he may be dead. At least, that's what happens to everyone's favourite Bandicoot in this unreleased cartoon from the 90s.

Logitech Change Their Name to Logi

Logitech are getting with the times this week by announcing that the company is changing its name to the old fashioned and dated 'Logitech' to the more simple 'Logi'. The reason for this change is because "tech says nothing".

World of Tanks Gets an Xbox One Launch Date

Free-to-play third person tank shooter, World of Tanks is coming to Xbox One on July 28, developer Wargaming has announced. Bringing tanks, overhauled graphics, and more to the current-gen console.
Five Nights at Freddy’s 4video

Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 Trailer Released

Shortly after confirming that FNaF4 will be releasing two months earlier than anticipated, Scott Cawthon has released a trailer for the latest entry in the insanely popular horror series on his official YouTube channel, showcasing a whole new setting and easily some of the creepiest animatronic designs in the series to date.

Runescape Runefest Tickets Now Available

Runscape developer Jagex has today announced that tickets for their upcoming RuneFest fan convention have gone on sale. The tickets will be available both in-game using Bonds or with real-world currency. Tickets are currently priced at 35 RuneScape Bonds or £99 plus a booking free.

Way to piss off Star Wars fans everywhere, GQ!

Here's the skinny... GQ did a photo shoot with current female comedienne flavor of the moment here in the States, Amy Schumer. But not just a...

Find Mario and Friends in your McDonald’s Happy Meal Soon!

As if I need another excuse to go to McDonald's, but here it is. It looks like McDonalds in the UK is going to start getting Mario themed toys in their Happy Meals pretty soon. This follows the news that Nintendo plans to license out their characters for use in other ways, this appears to be one of them.

Valhalla Hills is Like The Settlers 2 but With More Humour

Daedalic Entertainment has today announced that they've teamed up with strategy game experts, Funatics, to create Valhalla Hills, a brand new civilization-building strategy game with humour.

Michael Cera Bricking it as Robin

The Dark Knight get's his own boy wonder. Will they be able to piece Gotham back together brick by brick?

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