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sunset overdrive

Sunset Overdrive Gets a Season Pass for First Three DLC and...

It seems like every game has a Season Pass nowadays and Sunset Overdrive is no exception as Microsoft and Insomniac Games announced yesterday that their insane fast paced parkour mutant shooter is set to get a Season Pass too which will give players the first three Add-on Packs for the game as well as a wealth of bonus content too.
no man’s sky 3

Unsurprisingly No Man’s Sky is now one of the Lowest Rated...

No Man's Sky has hit the news once again and unsurprisingly it's another negative piece. What is it exactly? Oh, just the fact that No Man's Sky has become one of the worst rated games on Steam.

Games For Change Announces 2018 Awards Finalists

Every year, the Games for Change Festival runs an award ceremony for the year's best games for social impact and learning. Games for Change has just named their 2018 finalists.

Want to run an Oculus Rift at Home? Here’s What You’ll...

One of the main challenges to getting technology like the Oculus Rift into consumers hands is making it accessible to everyone and right now that might not be as simple as we first thought. Despite the Oculus Rift aiming to launch in early 2016, those hoping to make the most of the new kit will also likely need to fork out for a new PC, because any old rig just isn't going to cut it.

Steam Music Heads Out of Beta, Lets you Play Music Whilst...

Steam Music has been going through some pretty lengthy beta testing but now it's available for all to use as it becomes a fully grown application. Steam Music is exactly what you think it is, it allows you to import your music library and listen to music whilst you game - take that iTunes. For those who currently have the Steam Client beta, chances are the Steam Music functionality will be there as an official fixture, if not, check if you're due and update.
Candy Crush

Facebook to Crush Game Requests into Oblivion

"If this is the top thing that people care about, then we'll prioritize that and we'll do it."

RuneScape’s Elite Dungeons Storyline Concludes with The Shadow Reef

RuneScape's Elite Dungeon storyline is set to conclude with the latest addition to the game, The Shadow Reef. The Shadow Reef is the third and...

E3 2019: Ori and the Will of the Wisps Gets a...

Microsoft has unveiled a brand new gameplay trailer for Ori and the Will of the Wisps showing off the game in action. In the trailer,...
SwiftKey Note Feature

SwiftKey on iOS? This Press Shot Seems to Think So.

Earlier this week my personal favourite techno tipster @evleaks posted a tweet which read "SwiftKey on iOS?" Though the Tweet wasn't accompanied by any picture proof I knew that @evleaks doesn't get things wrong that often and something was brewing. Low and behold it seems like iOS might be getting SwitftKey after all in the form of SwiftKey Note.
Motorola MWC Event

Motorola Have Something Planned for the Mobile World Congress

Though Motorola are currently being handed over to Lenovo it looks like the company still have plans for the Mobile World Congress at the end of the month as they've announced they'll be holding an event on February 25 in Barcelona.
sonic mania

Sonic Mania Intro Unveiled, PC Release Delayed

SEGA has unveiled the animated intro for Sonic Mania, and it's probably the best thing since sliced bread. In other news, the PC release has been delayed by a few weeks.
Disney Infinty Small

Disney Infinity 2 Rumoured for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Could...

There's a fair bit of buzz coming from gaming press today surrounding Disney Infinity, more specifically, Disney Infinity 2. This follows a recent listing from Avalanche Software who are looking for a temporary game tester to work on “video games based on Disney and Pixar properties.” - I wonder what that could be.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild May Miss Switch...

Let's face it, there's a lot hanging in the balance for Nintendo and its upcoming launch of the Switch. One wrong move could send the hybrid console crashing about as hard as the Wii U. So we're hoping that this latest rumour isn't true.

Apex Legends Leaks Hint Towards NPC’s, New Weapons Coming

Apex Legends can't avoid the leak train this week, as a new set of leaks point towards the potential for NPC's, as well as...

Fox Juggles Release Dates for Deadpool 2, New Mutants, and Gambit

Deadpool 2 is coming much sooner than previously planned, 20th Century Fox has revealed, bringing the antihero sequel forward to May 18.

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