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Animal Crossing follow up: Amiibo Festival and Happy Home Designer

The announcement of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer happened a while ago, but at E3 last week, Nintendo announced another game in the franchise. ...
Apple Watch Tumble

Tim Cook Expects the Apple Watch to Ship in April

Though Apple has remained pretty hush hush about their upcoming wearable, the Apple Watch, Tim Cook has finally revealed when we'll actually be able to get our hands.. or erm.. our writst, on the pricey wearable. It looks like April is the month Apple have their sights set on, not March like we all suspected.
square enix marvel

Marvel and Square Enix Team up for Multi-Game Partnership

Today Marvel Entertainment and Square Enix anounced a new multi-year, multi-game licensing agreement that'll bring new games based on Marvel Super Heroes, starting with The Avengers.
Apple adding unicorn, middle finger and sad lion emojis

Apple Releases iOS 9.1 with Over 150 New Emoji

Who'd have thought that in 2015, one of the most exciting updates for Apple's products, would be one that included a Taco Emoji? Not...
The Elder Scrolls Legendsvideo

E3 2015: Elder Scrolls: Legends free-to-play strategy card game

A free-to-play strategy card game was also teased during Bethesda's E3 conference, and it will be out on iPad and PC later this year. "The...

What the Hell is Happening with Dying Light on PlayStation 4?

Yesterday, the supposed digital release date of Dying Light here in Europe, we finally received our review code. Wide eyed and eager to jump into the open world Techland have created, John entered the code into his PlayStation 4, only to be told that he had "successfully upgraded the trail version of dying light to the full game," but nothing. Going to the game in the store proved to be fruitless as the game was nowhere to be seen.

Animated ‘Alien: Isolation’ Series Reportedly in the Works

An Alien: Isolation is set to make a return in the form of an animated series, at least according to a rumor from The...

Defiance MMO TV Show Tie-in Gets Renewed for a Third Season

Good news Defiance fans! Whether you're a fan of the TV show or a fan of the now free-to-play MMO, or both, there's some great news! The show has been renewed for a third season by SyFy! Both Trion Worlds announced the news last week which means great things for both the game and fans for the show!

Birds of Prey to Begin Filming in 2019

DC's upcoming Birds of Prey movie could begin filming as soon as January 2019 according to a new rumor which has surfaced this week.
Chromebook Pixel

Google Confirms New Chromebook Pixel is on the Way

Google has confirmed that a new Chromebook Pixel is currently in development. This follows rumours which surfaced earlier this month when a device with the codename "Samus" appeared in a bug report filed on the Chromium Project Issues tracker.

Updated: Plants vs. Zombies Announcement Happening Today

Over the weekend the Twitter accounts for various PopCap Games staff told fans to "be ready for Monday" likely due to an announcement of some sorts coming ahead of E3 which begins this weekend! (Get hyped!)
Mario Golf Feature Imagevideo

Mario Golf: World Tour Shows Off Donkey Kong Barrel Use

The newest trailer for Mario Golf: World Tour shows off new courses with some unusual techniques getting the ball up the fairway. The game will be released May 2nd for Nintendo 3DS...

Survival Horror Outlast and Whistleblower DLC Now Available on Xbox One.

Fancy scaring yourself shitless around a repurposed asylum in the middle of the night? No? Me neither. But if you do you'll be pleased to know that Outlast along with its Whistleblower DLC is available on the Xbox Games Store for Xbox One right now.

Instagram Launches new Photo Collage App, Layout

It looks like the Facebook owned photo sharing site is hoping you'll stick with all-things-Instagram as they've launched a brand new photo collage app that'll allow you to create photos, to share on the service, made up of multiple images. Though many apps already offer this feature, it's likely Instagram are wanting to keep users tied to the Instagram platform for longer, without looking elsewhere.

Apex Legends’ Playerbase Champions 25 Million Users After One Week

Apex Legends has continued its meteoric rise up the battle royale food chain, hitting 25 million players just one week after its release. From...


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