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Sony’s PS Vita E3 Trailer Makes an Appearance

The PS Vita hasn't quite had the best time in recent years. Released initially in 2011 the Vita had some pretty good first party support, but over the years the handheld console has just been left by the wayside by Sony.

Project X Zone 2 E3 Trailer and More Characters Revealed

Project X Zone 2 is coming to 3DS, bringing its character crossover, turn-based action to the masses once again. Featuring characters from SEGA, Bandai Namco, and Capcom IP's the latest trailer reveals some gameplay, and some additional characters have also been announced, Felicia, Valkyrie, and Ulala.

Gorgeous Indie, Beyond Eyes, Launches on PC, Xbox One This Year

Beyond Eyes, the gorgeous indie title which tells the story of a young fearful blind girl as she steps out of her comfort zone to find her cat Nani, is coming to PC and Xbox One later this year, the developers have revealed.

Horizon: Zero Dawn will run at 1080p and 30fps

At the Sony conference at E3, Guerrilla Games unveiled their gorgeous new IP, Horizon: Zero Dawn, to the world and left a lot of people interested in this beautiful new game. Guerrilla Games are the studio behind the Killzone series, so this is definitely a big step in a different direction.

Nokia is Returning to Smartphones

Despite Nokia saying that it wouldn't be making the return to manufacturing phones in 2016 when the deal between Microsoft and Nokia is up, the company has recently revealed that it will be designing smartphones once again.

DONTNOD Releases New Teaser and Info for Vampyr

DONTNOD, the developer behind the hit episodic adventure, Life is Strange, and the equally awesome, Remember Me, is working on something else. We knew about it a little while back but no information offered. Now however we know a little more about the game.
Final Fantasy 7

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Will Bring “Dramatic” Changes

t E3 Square Enix announced that they were remaking the fabled classic Final Fantasy title, Final Fantasy 7. This of course had many Final Fantasy fans almost in tears as a teaser shot of Cloud looked incredibly polished with much better graphics overall. But for those hoping Square Enix were making an exact replica of the classic game, think again.
Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

Here are Some of the Most Requested Games for Xbox One...

Fans have already been making hundreds of requests as to what games should be make backwards compatible for the Xbox One, among the top is Call of Duty and of course, Red Dead Redemption.

Hitman Developer Io-Interactive Think DLC is “Wrong”

DLC has become commonplace with gaming nowadays with almost every game in recent times having some form of season pass or future content releases which likely cost a bob or two. Io-Interactive, the developers behind the popular Hitman series think DLC is "wrong" and that all content available for Hitman will be available when the game launches.

Nintendo E3 Puppets are Legit Muppets!

Yes I totally used "legit" in the title, and that's because I'm pretty excited to hear that the puppets used in Nintendo's E3 Direct broadcast weren't just really good imitations of Jim Henson's puppetry, they were actual creations of Jim Henson's Workshop. Holy crap!

Nest Launches The Nest Cam Security Camera

Nest, the company behind the Learning Thermostat and Protect: Smoke+CO Alarm, is about to make your home even safer with its Cam, a brand new security camera which looks fairly like the Dropcam.

Here’s the First Gameplay Trailer for Hitman

Io-Interactive has revealed the first gameplay trailer for Hitman, the latest chapter in the long-running franchise.
fallout shelter

Fallout Shelter is Crushing Candy Crush Saga

Well whoooda thunkit? Bethesda's latest release, Fallout Shelter, for iOS which launched on Sunday has quickly shot up the Top Grossing chart on the App Store overtaking the insanely popular match-three game, Candy Crush Saga.

Kerbal Space Program to Rocket onto PlayStation 4

Adorable space program simulator Kerbal Space Program is coming to PlayStation 4, developers Squad have announced.

SMITE Xbox One Open Beta Begins July 8

Hi-Rez Studios have today announced that their action MOBA, SMITE, will be entering Open Beta next month on July 8.

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