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Razer Finally Unveils the Razer Phone

This week gaming company Razer unveiled the Razer Phone, a brand new android-powered smartphone with a strong focus on gamers. After being rumoured for months,...

AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) is Officially Shutting Down

AOL has announced that it's officially shutting down its popular messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, also known as AIM, which was found on many teens computers back in the early 2000s.

A Nintendo Switch Compatable 400GB Micro SD Card Announced

400GB from something the side of a large fingernail. Bonkers. The mentalists over at SanDisk have created this little titan, and best of all,...

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Announced

At Berlin's IFA conference, Micrisoft has announced details of an upcoming update to Windows 10 titled Fall Creator's Update that's set to arrive this October.

Spotify May Finally be Coming to Xbox One

Spotify might finally be coming to Xbox One, that is if an image of Major Nelson with the app on his Xbox is anything to go by.

Universal ALL Controller Finally Launches on Kickstarter

The ALL Controller, the controller to replace all controllers, has finally landed on Kickstarter, smashing its goal in less than a few days.
playstation 4

PS4 Sales During Q1 Fall Below Sony’s Expectations

Sony has released its earnings report for Q1 of the 2017 fiscal year and things aren't going as well as expected.

Cyrus Audio’s ONE Reinvents the High-end Amplifier

Having released the first Cyrus 1 in the 1980s, it's about time the high-end amp got brought into the 21st Century, and here it is, the Bluetooth enabled Cyrus One.

Verified Twitter Users Now Have their own Dating App

Blue is a brand new dating app which appeals to social media's finest users, those on Twitter who have the coveted blue Verified tick.
Long Live MSPaint

Love for MS Paint Saves the App From Death

After announcing its depreciation, Microsoft has announced that its Paint software will live on thanks to an outpouring of support for the iconic application.

Daimler and Bosch Unveil Automated Valet Parking

Daimler and Bosch are entering the automated vehicle industry with a brand new announcement today called "Automated Valet Parking".

Atari’s New Console is Sexy as All Hell

Atari have released a first look at their new console, the Ataribox and yeah, it's a good looking piece of tech. Writing in a...

And the Thirteenth Doctor Is… Jodie Whittaker

As promised, The BBC have unveiled the thirteenth Doctor that'll replace Peter Capaldi in Doctor Who, and it's Broadchurch's Jodie Whittaker. After months of speculation...

“F*ck You Keyboard!” and Other Things Angry Brits Say as they...

We've all been there. The Mage not pulling their weight. The Medic unfit for purpose. The Marine that loses the flag. We've all been...
Kanye West leaving building after incident

Kanye West to Ditch Tidal due to Being Owed Upwards of...

It's been reported that Kanye West has terminated his contract with Jay-Z-owned streaming service, Tidal, as the service owes him upwards of $3 million and is in breach of contract.

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