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Android App Compatibility Could be Coming to Windows Phone

Since using a phone which runs Windows Phone, I've actually found the operating system not as bad as I expected, but there is one thing stopping Windows Phone becoming a real contester against Android and iOS: It's appalling app store and selection of apps. But that problem may be solved if rumours suggesting the company is considering allowing Android apps to run on Windows Phone handsets.

Latest Kit Kat Tweet Hints at October 28th for Nexus 5...

Some could look at what I'm about to write and say that this is a fine example of speculation going a little too far. Think of it as the "Half-Life 3 Confirmed" gag where someone somehow manages to grab the number 3 by any means possible. Google Nexus fans may have gone too far, or are we really clinging onto anything that gives us hope?

The Fine Bros. Throw in the Towel and Abandon React Trademark

Having completely angered the whole of the Internet over the past few days, The Fine Bros., the creators of the React YouTube Channel and various "... React to ..." videos, have abandoned the trademark for "React".

Google Maps is Now Available for iOS

Ever since Apple launched iOS6 and gave the shunt to Google Maps in favour of their own maps application. Since then there have been...

Tesco Take on the Tablet Market with the Hudl

Yesterday UK supermarket chain, Tesco have just launched their own 7-inch "HD" tablet called Hudl in an attempt to take on the likes of Amazon and Google with a focus on "accessibility and convenience".

BBM for Android APK Leaked, But it Doesn’t Work Anyway.

Have you been eagerly waiting to get BBM for Android? I haven't, but if you have hope is on the horizon as the .APK for BBM for Android app has been released into the wild, the only problem is, it won't work.
moisture sensor

Could Apple owe you $300 for misread moisture sensor?

In April, Apple agreed to the terms of a class action settlement worth $53 million over Apples warranty practices regarding their moisture sensor located on earlier iPhones and iPods.

The lawsuit states that Apple refused to honour the warranty on some devices which they believed to be water damaged thanks to the moisture indicator. As it turns out though these Liquid Contact Indicators had a tendency to chance colour in humid environments. Because of this Apple has agreed to pay out up to $300 to users of the iPhone, the iPhone 3G/3GS, and the iPod Touch 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation.

Amazon Partner with Royal Mail for you to Collect your Packages...

Amazon and Royal Mail have teamed up to allow you to collect your parcel directly from your Local Post office. Usually the only way you could pick up your Amazon parcel from the Post Office was by missing the original delivery and having them re-deliver your parcel for collection. This new scheme will take the hassle out of missing parcels and arranging redelivery making everything more convenient for everyone and of course calming Royal Mail down a little.

Huawei to Announce Something “Beautiful” on June 18th

If you're a technology nerd like me, May has been a fantastic month for you too with Google I/O, Nokia's big announcement, and BlackBerry Live. It doesn't have to stop there though thanks to Huawei sending out a mysterious invite to their event being held on June the 18th which promises something beautiful.

Whoopsie, Stocks for TWTRQ Up By 1,500% Because People Thought it...

Yesterday, Twitter decided to go public, a move that's been expected for a couple of weeks now since Twitter announced via the service that they had "confidentially submitted an S-1 to the SEC for a planned IPO". Shares are expected to begin trading some time next month, but that hasn't stopped some eager investors buying shares in what they thought to be Twitter.

Nikon, Really? You Too Have a Selfie Stick? For Shame!

Seflie sticks are quickly becoming an infestation that anyone in their right mind is hoping to avoid. Unfortunately when you've got massive camera manufacturers fuelling the fire, you often feel like you're fighting a losing battle, even if museums, football stadiums, and music festivals are all putting a ban on the monstrosity.
iPhone 5

It’s Finally Here… The iPhone 5.

On the 12th of September at 10am PDT (6pm BST) Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple enters the stage to much applause. We're all...

HTC Release another All New HTC One Teaser Video, This Time...

The 'Experts' are back in an a brand new HTC Technical Translations video, this time focusing on the famed HTC One's Ultrapixel, the camera that doesn't seem so sharp on paper, but in reality performs better that many other smartphone cameras. Once again the All New HTC One is teased, which is once again blurred out - dammit!

Google Unveils First Android One Smartphone Launching in India for $100

Announced at Goolgle I/O earlier this year, Google plan to release some cut-price smartphones to emerging markets starting with India later this year. It's now "later this year" and Google have finally revealed some more details surrounding their $100 smartphone. At I/O, Google revealed plans of the Android One programme which aims to bring standardization and a better user experience to affordable Android smartphones, during the event they showed off a Micromax device which was said to cost around $100, but little other details were announced. Now however, we finally know more.

Instagram Launches new Photo Collage App, Layout

It looks like the Facebook owned photo sharing site is hoping you'll stick with all-things-Instagram as they've launched a brand new photo collage app that'll allow you to create photos, to share on the service, made up of multiple images. Though many apps already offer this feature, it's likely Instagram are wanting to keep users tied to the Instagram platform for longer, without looking elsewhere.

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