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Motorola Ara

Report: Project ARA Back in Motorola’s Hands?

Up until recently, news about Google's ambitious modular smartphone, Project ARA, was very thin, but following a long period of radio silence the project's Twitter account has since been alive with updates on their progress. According to a new report, that period of silence was due to Project ARA changing hands back to Motorola.
google-play-books (1)

Google Play Books gets update to let users upload files.

Released last year, Google Play Books came ready with a host of books and magazine for users to download, purchase and enjoy. Now with the latest update users will be able to upload their own files.

Alcatel OneTouch PIXI Phone Lets you Choose Between Three OS’s

What's being described as an OS-agnostic smartphone, Alcatel OneTouch have pre-announced their newest PIXI phone that lets you choose between Android, Windows Phone, and Firefox OS.
Digisole 2

Digitsole Launches On Kickstarter

We here at n3rdabl3 keep our eyes out for fun and interesting projects that appear on Kickstarter. The latest one that has come to...
google io

Google I/O: 900 Million Android Activations, 48 Billion App Installs

Google I/O is well under way and way before any announcement was officially made the first huge bit of news was announced and that was that Android device activations have reached 900 million as of 2013 and around 48 Billion apps have been installed across different Android devices.

Spotify Says They’ve Paid Taylor Swift Millions but Her Label Disagrees.

Last week it was revealed that Taylor Swift, the singer behind 2014's best selling album '1989,' had removed all of her music from Spotify because she believes that streaming services such as this don't treat artists fairly and pay them the money they deserve for the music they create. In an effort to save face, Spotify has revealed that they've paid Taylor Swift millions in royalties, something her label disagrees with.
Project Scorpio

Microsoft Unveils Specs for Scorpio Console

Microsoft, via the Digital Foundry, unveiled the specs for their upcoming console, Scorpio, and they're promising it will be "the most powerful console ever".

More Images of the Nexus 6 ‘Shamu’ Gets Leaked

We've heard about the Nexus 6, aka 'Shamu', with benchmark results and specs being leaked but now we have another picture of the supposed phone. First an image was posted in an XDA Developers thread, comparing the size of the Nexus 6 and the LG G3. It's quite a bit bigger than the G3, which has a 5.5-inch screen, so we can expect a big phone here.

Christian Bale Pulls Out of Steve Jobs Flick, Ladbrokes Thinks Matthew...

This week it was revealed by The Hollywood Reporter that Christian Bale has decided against playing Jobs in the upcoming biopic which is set to be directed by Danny Boyle based on a script by Aaron Sorkin. The reason for his decision was because Bale believed that he wasn't right for the part, though there were no reasons given as to why he made that choice. This is the second actor to pull out of the role after Leonardo DiCaprio also decided against playing Jobs.

Having Google+ Has Never Been More Important Now Google Have Overhauled...

Google announced that it'll be changing the YouTube commenting system way back in September, now it finally looks like that roll-out is comeplete and you'll now be required to have a Google+ account in order to post a comment on your favourite YouTube videos.
IdeaTab A10

Leaked Lenovo IdeaTab Range Shows Another Budget Tablet Line

Lenovo are looking to capitalise on their recent gains in the tech market, as a tablet range has been leaked that will offer consumers decent specs at budget prices...

Facebook Unveils Facebook Lite App for Emerging Markets, But I Want...

Facebook has recently unleashed a swath of apps for all of its different features. There's the standalone Messenger app, Stickers for Messenger, Groups, and Pages, and now there's a brand new one: Facebook Lite, a stripped-down version of its main app aimed at emerging markets.
Metal iOS 8

WWDC 2014: ‘Metal’ will Boost Gaming on iOS 8

Using Metal will give developers a chance to condense Open Graphics Library (OpenGL) overheads which means that they will have more free rain with the hardware to really get down and dirty with it rather than just scratching the surface.

Tidal Discovery Invites Indie Artists to Upload their Music

Tidal hasn't exactly done too well for itself in the past few weeks since release. Despite being fairly high in the App Store charts at launch, just two weeks later Tidal fell out of the top 700 apps, with Spotify and Pandora shooting up into the top 4. But Tidal hopes to redeem itself by offering the chance for independent artists to upload their music directly to the service bypassing distribution services, letting artists once again be in control of their own music and revenues.
Facebook home

A week with Facebook Home…

We take a look at Facebook Home, a new interface overlay for Android phones...

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