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SpaceX Confirms Google Investment

Earlier this week, sources suggested that Google was eyeing up investing in Elon Musk's SpaceX space transportation company and now, SpaceX confirms the investment from Google as well as Fidelity who are both collectively investing $1 billion into the project. With the addition of Google and Fidelity and four other major investors, SpaceX is now valued at over $10 billion.
head jabra

Jabra Sport Pulse Earphones Measure your Fitness from Your Ears.

Without sounding too much like a grandparent.. Isn't technology good nowadays? We've got the ability to search answers to almost any question in an instant, we can have a wealth of information on our wrists, our smartphones can communicate with almost anyone, and now we can measure our pulse from our ears while listening to music.. What will they think of next? The Jabra Sport Pulse earphones are similar to LG's Heart Rate Headphones but offer a full training solution with great sound.
xiaomi mi4 1

Xiaomi Raises $1.1 Billion in New Capital, Now Valued at $46...

Known unofficially as the Apple of China, Xiaomi have recently been valued at $46 billion. This is after they raised an impressive $1.1 billion in new capital, making the Chinese smartphone maker worth more in the eyes of investors.

Polaroid Announce ‘Affordable’ Line of 4K Televisions

Polaroid, a company that you'd probably associate more with those photographs that you flap about, have announced an 'affordable' line of 4K televisions that'll be gracing their presence at CES next week.
project ara 2

Google Releases MDK for Project Ara Which Shows us Some of...

Project Ara is something I'm pretty excited about and it's starting to look like it may be released pretty soon. Project Ara is Google's modular smartphone that allows users to build their own phone using different jigsaw-like modules each with their own specifications. This will allow users to constantly upgrade and build upon their device so they're never behind with the times for too long.

CES 2015: Yo Dawg, we Heard you Like Washing Machines, so...

Let's be serious now, we all try and cram as much as possible in our washing machines because washing clothes has to be the...

Are your Nexus 5X Pictures Upside Down? Google Explains Why

Some users of Google's new Nexus 5X are finding that images they've taken with the device have been upside down despite the phone being held the right way up, but why? Google explains it all.
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Motorola Droid Turbo to be Announced on October 28

The rumoured Droid Turbo is edging ever closer as Verizon has officially started the countdown. The phone will be announced at 5PM (GMT+1) on October 28. The site gives little away but it's pretty clear that it's the Turbo because of the various leaks of the phone. Last month, we saw photos of it and we got a sense of its specs and it does look like a pretty incredible device.

The bezel-less ZTE Nubia X8 leaked

Reportedly, there was a page featuring the Nubia X8 on an official ZTE website but it was taken down. However, a user managed to get a picture and the specs of the device before the page was removed. From the specs, it appears to be a compelling phone.

Leaked Image of the ASUS Padfone Mini Reveal Smaller 7-inch Tablet...

Ah the ASUS Padfone, the hybrid device that's a smartphone powered tablet. The concept is an impressive idea but for some reason the Padfone hasn't really taken off as much as other ASUS tablets have done previously. That may all change with the recent leak from @evleaks who recently posted the above image of what's rumoured to be the ASUS Padfone Mini.
iphone 5C 3

Apple Confirm iPhone 5C, Will Replace Now Discontinued iPhone 5.

Rumours suggested that today's Apple Keynote will be revealing not one, but two new iPhones, the one we all expected was the iPhone 5S, we've expected an "S" variant ever since the iPhone 3GS, but rumours also pointed at a "cheaper" version of the iPhone 5 with the name iPhone 5C. Today, this is the phone Apple revealed first.

Apple Finally Allows Bitcoin Wallets onto the App Store.

Apple has finally lifted the restriction on Bitcoin trading apps on the app store which means those of you who are keen traders of the virtual currency, and own an iPhone, will finally be able to trade on the move. The first app to take advantage of this lifted restruction is CoinPocket which appeared on the App Store yesterday after the change of Policy this weekend.
vine kids

Vine Launches Vine Kids, It’s Vine.. But for Kids

Child-friendly versions of popular apps are becoming more common now smartphone tech is landing in the hands of almost everyone nowadays. Snapchat launched a kid-safe version of their app, and now Vine has launched a kid-friendly app too, allowing little ones to browse child-friendly loops.

China employs two Million Web Monitors

Here in the west we often complain about our rights and limits on our individual freedoms. But we should be thanking our lucky stars that we're not living in China...

CES 2015: LG and Audi Join Forces and Create a webOS-based...

During CES this week, many publications noticed a brand new, unrecognised LG smartwatch being worn by a representative from Audi. We've known prior to this event that LG had teamed up with Audi to create a smartwatch to control Audi's range of new driverless cars, but what we didn't know was what exactly it looked like.

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