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Amazon Launches Same-Day Pass My Parcel Delivery Service in the UK

What could be better than ordering a product in the morning and receiving it in the afternoon? Absolutely nothing, that's what. And that's what you can now do as Amazon have introduces a new "Pass My Parcel" service in partnership with Smith News to further expand the companies retail efforts.
Nexus 7 2

The New Nexus 7 spotted in the UK set for September...

At Google's press event yesterday they finally revealed the much rumoured second Nexus 7. The tablet is sticking at 7-inches but this time has a few things under the hood that the 2012 version lacked.

Huawei Honour 6 Plus to be announced in December?

We could be set to see the new Huawei Honour 6 Plus, which is a phablet with impressive specs and also features a dual camera like the HTC One. According to the Chinese certification agency TENAA, this new phone will be announced on December 16 but unfortunately it doesn't look as so it'll be released in the US or Europe but instead only China.
BlackBerry Logo

White BlackBerry Q10 Handset Now Available In The UK

If you're a Q10 fan but like your BlackBerry handset to be white you're in luck, the new shade is now available at the Carphone Warehouse and Selfridge
minion drop

Google Apologises for April Fool Blunder

April Fools Day is probably my favourite day in gaming and tech as everyone creates something absolutely stupid in an effort to fool you into believing that it's a real product. In some cases, that prank becomes a reality, such as Google's "Mic Drop" button it decided to add into Gmail yesterday, unfortunately this plan backfired, incredibly badly.
Firefox Os

Firefox OS: The Latest

We've been on the trail of Firefox's upcoming mobile OS for a while now and there has been some pretty significant developments recently, so here's a quick round-up of the latest in the ongoing Firefox OS story...
Apple Watch Tumble

Smartwatch Sales May have Overtaken That of Swiss Watches

If you're a sucker for a traditional watch and scoff at the idea of a smartwatch, then it might be time to take notice. According to one research firm, sales of smartwatches may have overtaken that of Swiss watches for the first time ever.
Screenshot 2014-10-14 at 6.29.30 PM

New Android Ads Appear Just Days Before Rumoured Nexus 6, Android...

Three new adverts for Android have arrived online just days before Google are set to unveil and subsequently release both Android L and the Motorola made Nexus 6 and HTC made Nexus 6. Though Google haven't actually officially stated that a release is imminent, many rumours have suggested that that'll be the case.
Google Search

Google to Kill News Service in Spain due to New Laws

By next week, Spanish citizens will no longer be able to check out the latest headlines on Google News as Google has announced that they're shutting down the News service in the country ahead of the recently announced "Google Tax" comes into place. This means that those in Spain won't be able to look at Google News any more, and all Spanish websites will be no longer be included in any edition of News, even for those in Spanish speaking countries.

‘Leak’ Lets you Anonymously Send Emails from your Web Browser

Because a tool such as this sounds like a great idea.

A brand new service has popped up online which is pandering to peoples new found need to be anonymous online. The service, which was coded in a single weeked, is called Leak and it lets you anonymously and quickly send an email to whoever you please letting them know something you've always wanted them to know. The service is simple, add the recipients email address, decide from a drop-down box whether you're "A Friend" or "A Co-worker" or simply, "Someone." In the text box just below that is where you can do the damage, typing everything you've ever wanted to say to someone.
Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi. Does the ultra-affordable Linux computer live up to its...

Some months ago, the Raspberry Pi Foundation was born – with the aim of creating a $25 PC aimed at education and hobbyists. After...
Samsung Logo

Rumours Suggest that Samsung Galaxy S5 will house 4GB of RAM

With a rumoured release date for Samsung's next flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S5, rumoured to be mere months away the inevitable procession of rumours, speculations and apparent leaks have begun, the latest of which is that the Korean giants are planning to pack the S5 with a massive 4GB of RAM...

LG’s Upcoming Flagship May have a 3K Display

Could LG's next flagship, the LG G4 come with a 3K display? According to the latest rumours it very well might.
bang with friends

Bang With Friends Glitch?

As if 'Bang with friends' wasn't already shady enough it potentially could have a glitch that exposes the identity of all users.

Gift Guide for the Modern Explorer

It's time for the Christmas Gift Guides! This will be my first one, so I've chosen to do a guide on something that is close...

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