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OnePlus 2 to Come with 4GB LPDDR4 RAM

With the launch of the OnePlus 2 just around the corner the company are still sharing snippets of information about the new device ahead of time, this time OnePlus has revealed what will be supporting the Snapdragon 810 processor.

Fleksy Goes Free Forever

Fleksy, the custom keyboard available for both iOS and Android, will be going free for all users today, what's more, it'll be free forever. This move is in an effort to serve a much larger and diverse set of users to improve the keyboard overall.
BBC Micro Bit

BBC micro:bit Final Design Revealed, Free for Year 7 Students

The final design for the BBC Micro Bit (stylized as "micro:bit") educational miniature computer system has been unveiled by the broadcaster, showing off the new features implemented since the prototype was shown earlier this year.

EE Unveils the Rook a 4G Handset for £49

EE has been on a roll with its latest smartphone releases, with bird-named phones like the Eagle, the Harrier, and now this brand new handset available right now, The Rook.
Hiroki Totoki

Sony will “Never Ever Sell or Exit” the Smartphone Biz

Sony may be doing well with its console business with the PlayStation 4, but elsewhere in the company things aren't looking so peachy. Specifically their mobile business which has continued to put the company's overall revenue down for some time now.
prime day

Amazon Celebrates 20th Anniversary with “Prime Day”

We all love Black Friday, a chance for everyone to ransack a store looking for the best bargains on this one-day-only event. Amazon has taken part in Black Friday for a few years now, and to celebrate their 20th anniversary, Amazon is celebrating by putting Black Friday to shame with "Prime Day".
apple pay

Apple Pay UK Launch Rumoured July 14

According to reports, stores in the UK are gearing up to accept Apple Pay payments as soon as July 14 and while this is exciting news for some UK iPhone owners, they'll sadly still be limited to spending £20.

GoPro GoTiny with the GoPro Hero 4 Session

If you thought the GoPro Hero was small, then you'll probably be surprised to hear that the action camera company has gone even smaller with the GoPro Hero 4 Session, a brand new camera the company unveiled today.
Empeopled Screenshot 1 is a new Democracy-lead Alternative to reddit

Last week reddit had a bit of a meltdown following the termination of one of the company's loved members, Victoria. Since then users have been flocking to other websites looking for a neat alternative to "the front page of the Internet" and while sites like offer an identical experience, offers a more democracy-lead website.

reddit is Having a Meltdown Following the Ejection of Victoria

AMAs have become a huge thing for reddit allowing people from all walks of life coming along and telling their story. From the outside it looks like some random fellow or celebrity comes along one day to talk about their life, but it's a little more than that. In fact, it's a lot more than that, all of which is held together by an admin by the name of /u/chooter.

OnePlus 2 Will Come With The “Most Advanced” Fingerprint Sensor

It comes as little surprise given the current trend of technology, but this week OnePlus has announced that the upcoming OnePlus 2 will come with a finger print scanner, but not just any old finger print scanner, it'll have one of the "most advanced fingerprint sensors out there."

OnePlus 2 Will Come with a USB-C Port

OnePlus has shared some more information about the upcoming OnePlus 2, this time it's to do with the device's connectivity. No longer will it come with a microUSB port, instead it'll be one of the first devices to utilise the USB-C connection.

OnePlus 2 Will Use the “Cool” Snapdragon 810

As we're nearing closer to the announcement of the OnePlus 2, OnePlus have taken to their forums to announce what processor the OnePlus One predecessor will be using.

Nokia is Returning to Smartphones

Despite Nokia saying that it wouldn't be making the return to manufacturing phones in 2016 when the deal between Microsoft and Nokia is up, the company has recently revealed that it will be designing smartphones once again.

Nest Launches The Nest Cam Security Camera

Nest, the company behind the Learning Thermostat and Protect: Smoke+CO Alarm, is about to make your home even safer with its Cam, a brand new security camera which looks fairly like the Dropcam.

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