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App Store

25 Percent App Store Price Increase in the UK Blamed on...

First we had Terry's Chocolate Oranges, then the Toblerone, now the App Store has been hit by the UK's apparent "need" to be independent from the European Union.

We Happy Few to be Feature Film

We Happy Few is becoming a movie, Gold Circle Films and dj2 Entertainment, have announced.

Cyrus Audio’s ONE Reinvents the High-end Amplifier

Having released the first Cyrus 1 in the 1980s, it's about time the high-end amp got brought into the 21st Century, and here it is, the Bluetooth enabled Cyrus One.

Spotify is testing a cheaper Premium Subscription for Flat Sharers

Music lovers rejoice! Spotify has revealed that it is currently testing a potential discounted subscription for two simultaneous users in the hopes of curbing...

UK Residents Could Have the Legal Right to Broadband by 2020

While I try to avoid politics as much as possible as it leads to debates I have no interest in taking part in, there's one thing the Government is doing here in the UK that I am paying attention to: the legal right to have "affordable" broadband. Something they hope to have in place by 2020.

YouTube Rewind is Live, Can you Spot Your Favourite YouTube Creator?

Another year, another collection of viral videos, online trends, memes, and music to look back on. And to continue their trend of looking back at the year's events, at least on YouTube, the video sharing site has released their YouTube Rewind video for 2015!

Control BB-8 Like a Real Jedi with Sphero’s new Force Band

[CES 2016] If you thought controlling Sphero's adorable little BB-8 gadget with a smartphone was a little too unlike Star Wars, well what about controlling it with gestures, like a real Jedi?

Next-generation CPUs will Only be Supported by Windows 10, says Microsoft

Microsoft is phasing out older operating systems sooner than we thought with a new announcement which reveals the company will no longer support Intel...

Google Starts Warning Users About Deceptive Download Links

Google is increasingly making the Internet a safer place by warning users of potential problematic pages, whether they're considered unsafe, or whether they're known phishing websites. Now, Google is taking another step to ensure its users stay safe online, by warning them of deceptive download links.

HTC Vive Gets a Release Window and $799 Price Tag

HTC first announced that they were diving into the VR scene at Mobile World Congress in 2015, now they're back bringing the latest version of the headset in tow as well as a pre-order date, a rough release window, and that all important feature, its price.

Pangu Team Releases iOS 9.1 Jailbreak

The jailbreak development team, Pangu, has updated its tool to support iOS 9.1 and it has also said a jailbreak for the Apple TV 4 will be out later this week.

Apple may have Let Slip that they’re Renaming OSX to MacOS

Apple has this week made another reference to a potential operating system rebranding from OS X to MacOS.

Google is Mulling Over Removing Backspace Navigation in Chrome

Have you ever spent hours filling out a form online only to accidentally hit the backspace key causing your web browser to go back a page and completely ruin all of the work you've ever done? Yeah me too. Fortunately, Google is mulling over the idea of removing this function in Chrome.
Screenshot 2016-06-24 at 5.52.37 PM

BitTorret Now Becomes the Next Content Streaming Service

BitTorrent has this week announced its latest venture, BitTorrent Now, an ad-supported streaming service for both music and video, though don't expect to find big hitters like Lemonade, as it'll have more of a focus on indie creators who choose to sign up to distribute their content through the service.

It’s Looking Increasingly Likely that the iPhone 7 Won’t Have a...

The iPhone 7 has yet to be announced officially by Apple, but already the rumour mill is churning overtime specifically regarding whether or not the new handset will come with a headphone jack.

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