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YouTube Rewind is Live, Can you Spot Your Favourite YouTube Creator?

Another year, another collection of viral videos, online trends, memes, and music to look back on. And to continue their trend of looking back at the year's events, at least on YouTube, the video sharing site has released their YouTube Rewind video for 2015!

Control BB-8 Like a Real Jedi with Sphero’s new Force Band

[CES 2016] If you thought controlling Sphero's adorable little BB-8 gadget with a smartphone was a little too unlike Star Wars, well what about controlling it with gestures, like a real Jedi?

Next-generation CPUs will Only be Supported by Windows 10, says Microsoft

Microsoft is phasing out older operating systems sooner than we thought with a new announcement which reveals the company will no longer support Intel...

Google Starts Warning Users About Deceptive Download Links

Google is increasingly making the Internet a safer place by warning users of potential problematic pages, whether they're considered unsafe, or whether they're known phishing websites. Now, Google is taking another step to ensure its users stay safe online, by warning them of deceptive download links.

WordPress is One of the First to Support Google’s AMP Project

Following the news that Google has started to share AMP-powered web pages in its mobile search, Automattic, the company behind, has announced that they'll be supporting the new faster-loading web standard.

Apple Shrinks Down the iPad Pro to 9.7-inches

Let's face it, Apple's iPad Pro - despite being a fantastic tablet - was just too big for general use and that's probably because it was aimed at professionals. However, a number of the iPad Pro's features were appealing to general iPad users so it comes as no surprise that Apple has decided to announce a much smaller version of its Pro tablet.

Periscope Streamers can now #Save their Broadcasts Forever

It looks like Periscope is taking some cues from Facebook Live as it's now introduced a way for live streamers to save their broadcasts for later playback. These saved broadcasts will also remain available for as long as the streamer wishes.
OnePlus 2

OnePlus to Begin Selling Phones via Amazon

Although OnePlus are planning to unveil their next-generation device in the coming weeks, the company is now expanding their reach and finally offering a way for UK customers to purchase a device from a UK seller.

Nivea has Made a Seagull Drone that Poops Sunscreen on your...

It's a pretty well-known fact that kids don't like to wear sunscreen. I can attest to this fact, when arriving on the beach, the last thing I wanted to do was wait even longer to have my parents apply that greasy cream all over my face, back, and arms... Fortunately Nivia has come up with a way to make this a little more hilarious... with a seagull drone that shits sunscreen all over you.

Microsoft to Kill Off Lumia Name in Favour of Surface

Following Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia's Lumia business, the company have done very little to keep the brand at the forefront of mobile devices. Now, it's looking like Microsoft may ditch the Lumia brand completely in favour of their own Surface Phone line.

Amazon Go is the Future that I want to Live In

Earlier this week Amazon launched a prototype of its Amazon Go shopping experience, a store which has zero cashiers and simply lets you walk in, take what you need, and walk out.

Scorpio Delivers, Even For Xbox One Gamers

It's been known for a while now that the next Xbox console, known as Project Scorpio, will host 4K gameplay. Loads of players already started worrying: "do you need to upgrade your television as well to be able to play the newest games once the Xbox Scorpio hits the shelves?" According to several trusted sources, you don't.

Facebook has 2 Billion Monthly Users

Facebook has revealed that the social network sees around 2 billion users using the platform every month, that's an increase of 60 million in just a month's time.

NVIDIA Launch New RTX Hardware at CES 2019

NVIDIA kicked off CES 2019 with expansive plans to bring its new Turing architecture to more users in 2019. Speaking to nearly a thousand people...

Rdio Shuts Down, Pandora Acquires “Key Assets”

It looks like Pandora is to enter the streaming music subscription game all thanks to the bankruptcy of another company, Rdio. This week Pandora announced that it was swooping in to acquire "key assets" of Rdio for $75 million in cash following Rdio's bankruptcy filling.

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