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hugo barra

Hugo Barra Reveals He’s Leaving Xiaomi

Hugo Barra made waves back in 2013 when he left Android in favour of Chinese company, Xiaomi. With this move, many expected the company to finally find its way to Europe and North America, but sadly that never happened. Now, it seems Barra is keen to return to Silicon Valley and leave Xiaomi behind.

DRL to Kick Off Allianz World Championship with the DRL Racer3...

With the Allianz World Championship just a few weeks away, today the Drone Racing League (DRL) have debuted their third-generation racing drone, the DRL Racer 3, and it's a beast.

Universal ALL Controller Finally Launches on Kickstarter

The ALL Controller, the controller to replace all controllers, has finally landed on Kickstarter, smashing its goal in less than a few days.

E3 2019: Orion Reveal

E3 2019 seems to be the year every developer wants to get on the "cloud streaming" bandwagon, with Bethesda being the latest to showcase...

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