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Features being cut from Windows 10

Goodbye Windows Media Center and desktop gadgets, these features and more will be cut from Windows 10 As we previously reported, Windows 10 will launch...

Latest Fleksy Update To Include A Special Valentines Gift

I am not a fan of the over commercialisation of Valentines Day but I have no problems when companies use it to give away...

MtroShrink a new URL shortening service.

MtroShrink is a new URL shortening service created by my good friend Oliver Whysall. What makes this URL shortening service different from there rest...

New Emojis? Who Cares? A Bacon Emoji?? I’m Listening…

People often mistake Apple as the company that are in control of emojis, I mean they were the first company to really make use of the little icons which are now used to express feelings rather than just typing it out, but it's actually Unicode - a nonprofit organisation which governs the Unicode Standard - and they're looking to introduce a bunch of new icons into the mix.

Facebook to Host Site’s Content as Early as This Month

Earlier this year rumours surfaced to suggest that Facebook was in talks with some major publications in the hopes to have them directly host their content on the Social Network in an effort to retain users on the service instead of redirecting them to an external website. The feature, which doesn't seem all that great for publications, is set to begin as early as this month according to The Wall Street Journal who reveals some big names will be taking part.
answer time

Tumblr to Take-on reddit’s AMAs with Answer Time

reddit's AMA's have seen the likes of the Mythbusters and the President of the United States, among many others, take part in all holds barred Q&A sessions where almost anything goes. But it looks like reddit might have some stiff competition with Tumblr's Answer Time.

Research Finds Using Hola VPN is Incredibly Unsafe

For as long as Netflix has been available in the UK many people I know have tossed around the idea of using Hola, a free plugin that allows you to essentially trick your Internet browser to believe you're browsing the web in another country. Seems pretty harmless, right? But according to "Adois-Hola" it's not as innocent as it seems.

LG offers calling app, LG Call, for Watch Urbane

LG Call is a new app from LG that allows calls via your smartwatch LG has released an app onto the Google Play Store that...
Google Search

Google is Hiring… an SEO Specialist…

That's probably the most confusing headline of my n3rdabl3 career. The company who creates the algorithm used to determine whether your website ranks well in their Search Engine, is searching for an SEO Specialist to ensure they rank well in their own search engines??

Neato Robotics Unveil the Neato Botvac D Series

Neato Robotics has today unveiled the next generation Neato Botvac with the company's D Series, two new robotic vacuums which not only include the company's intelligent laser navigation system and powerdful suction, but also offer style and an improved brush system for a wider variety of floor surfaces.

Facebook’s Instant Articles are Here and Could Change the Way we...

Facebook has been rumoured to be in talks with several publications for them to post their content directly on Facebook. The reason for this is because Facebook say it takes on average around 8 seconds for an article to load fully outside of the social network, so to combat that unnecessary wait time Facebook want to use their technology to improve the users reading experience and host site's content directly cutting out the middle man.

Recreated ZX Spectrum Releases Today

If you're any sort of classic technology buff, chances are you'll have heard of the ZX Spectrum. Since its original release way back in 1982, it become one of the most popular computer systems of its time, doing a great deal for the PC gaming market in the process, with huge hits like Manic Miner, Jet Set Willy, Jetpack, and many more helping to pave the way for the various gaming standards we know and love today.
OnePlus Teaser

OnePlus to Announce Something on June 1, OnePlus 2?

OnePlus have been readying their next smartphone for some time now and over the course of the past few months rumours have been flying around to suggest that the OnePlus 2 as it'll be called will be pretty powerful, will likely be a little more expensive than the OnePlus One, and could be accompanied by another device. On June 1 however, we'll finally know for sure what OnePlus plan on doing next.

How Force Touch could work on ‘iPhone 6s’

According to 9to5Mac, one of the main additions to the next generation iPhone (most likely 'iPhone 6s') will be Force Touch. iOS 9 will be able to support it and Apple is working to get developers integrating it into their apps.

Urbanears Humlan Review, The Price of Practicality

This is the tale of one girl and her plethora of headphones, and it’s probably not too dissimilar to some of yours, that is if you can’t walk around in public without your iPod blaring at any point of the day. What? I'm shy.

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