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Turtle Beach HyperSound Glass

Turtle Beach’s Latest Speakers are Great for Audiophiles, Bad News for...

Turtle Beach has this week unveiled their latest breakthrough in its HyperSound technology with HyperSound Glass, two new... speakers? which offer directional audio using a transparent pane of glass.
Nativeunion TAG – Lifestyle high-res 1

Never Run Low on the Go Again with the Native Union...

Native Union have once again solved a problem we never even thought we had with the unveiling of a brand new product which hopes to make carrying around a charging cable a fashion statement rather than an unnecessary necessity.

You can Turn Anything into an AR or VR Experience with...

Have you ever wanted to create your own augmented reality or virtual reality experience but just didn't have a clue where to begin? Well good news comes your way as Zappar have today unveiled a new suite of tools to make creating AR and VR experiences a breeze.

Instagram Officially Announces Business Tools

Following a number of leaked screenshots showing off supposed business tools coming to Instagram, the photo sharing site has this week officially unveiled a new suite of tools designed specifically for business profiles and users.
amd rx480

AMD Unveil the Radeon RX480, The Cheapest Way to Play VR

When the recommended specifications for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive were unveiled, they required the user to have at least a GTX 970 graphics card, or equivalent, which is a pretty pricey commitment. However, AMD have now released a new GPU which sets the entry price point for VR even lower.

ASUS Unveils New Zenfone Line-up

ASUS has this week unveiled not one, but three new handsets in its Zenone line-up which hope to be contenders to this year's big flagship releases. The new Zenfone 3 comes in three new flavours that hope to suit most users - the Zenfone 3, the Zenfone 3 Deluxe, and the Zenfone 3 Ultra.

Twitter Changes 140 Character Limit to Discount @names and Media

Following earlier rumours that Twitter may change the 140 character limit to no longer include things such as images and links, Twitter has today announced they've done just that, with a few added extras.

Pebble Unveils Two New Smartwatches and a Pebble-sized Fitness Tracker

Earlier this week Pebble teased us all with a cryptic tweet saying that something special was coming, and now we know exactly what that is. Pebble has today announced the second generation Pebble and Pebble Time smartwatches as well as a fitness tracker called Pebble Core.

Millennials are More Likely to Pay for Content than Endure Ads

According to a new study conducted by, via Rob Leathern, web users aged between 18-29, also known as Millennials, are more likely to pay for content than put up with advertisements.

Look Out Amazon Echo, Google Home is Coming

At Google I/O yesterday evening the company unveiled something everyone has been waiting for, Google Home, a direct competitor to Amazon's own personal assistant speaker, Amazon Echo.

Motorola Announces Two new Moto G Devices

Today Motorola has announced two brand new phones in its cut-price Moto G range, the Moto G, and Moto G Plus, set to launch here in the UK in June.

Sennheiser Launches HD 650 and Apogee Groove Amp Bundle

For some, listening to music isn't something they take lightly. With musicians spending hours mixing and mastering their music, some listeners want to experience it the way the musician wanted it to be experienced, and not through a pair of free Apple EarPods. And this latest Sennnheiser bundle hopes to make that possible in the simplest way.
WowWee Lumi banks left

Say “Hello!” to Lumi, a Gaming and Entertainment Drone

Have you ever wanted a drone that would fly itself? How about one that has a gaming in mind? If that sound interesting to...

Moog Bundles its $10,000 Model 15 Synth into an iPad

Although Moog has had some success in the past with its app Animoog, there was just something missing from this modern-take on classic synth DNA. Fortunately, Moog has released another app to fill that hole, a $10,000 synth packed into a tiny app.
htc 10

HTC Announces the HTC 10

What comes as a surprise to no one after the torrent of leaks coming through in the past few days, HTC has announced their latest flagship, the HTC 10. And they're not just ditching the "One" moniker, they've also done away with BoomSound.

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