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Project Brillo is Google’s Answer to the Internet of Things

For some time I've been a little confused about the term Internet of Things. I've never been 100 per cent sure what it actually means, but it seems to have something to do with the way your home uses the Internet to become smart. Whatever it means for sure, Google has unveiled Project Brillo, a new OS for the Internet of Things which they hope will bring the Android platform to all of your connected devices.

Google Glass May Return as Fashion Conscious Tech

Though Glass has all but been buried by Google, at least the first generation device has, a new more fashion conscious version of the tech may arrive soon that'll offer the same functionality but with much more style. The news comes via the Wall Street Journal who has heard from Italian eyewear maker Luxottica that they're working with Google to make version 2.0.

Virtual Economies are Making Their Mark in the Real World

With their huge subscriber bases paying real money to be part of the action, MMO games like World of Warcraft have been the subject of theoretical debates since their emergence at the turn of the millennium.
Android M

Google Announces Android M

For a while now Android has seemed at the forefront of mobile OS development with Apple often playing catch up on a few of its features. This year however it seems like Android is the one catching up with Apple introducing a few familiar features to the next version of Android which is currently available in preview for developers.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus leaked?

In a video mainly centred on the HTC One M9+, MKBHD adds in photos from an anonymous source showing the S6 Plus. The most interesting thing about the design of this phone is that it's much more similar to the current S6 Edge than the S6.

Spotify Now Offers Videos, Podcasts, and Personalised Playlists

Spotify has today knocked it up a notch at their event in San Francisco today by offering something much more than music. Now, Spotify hopes to accompany you throughout your entire day whether it's with some music for you to wake up to, a podcast to entertain you during our commute to work, or videos to keep you occupied on the way home. Spotify will now have it all.
huawei p8 feat

Huawei Unveil the Ascend P8 and Massive P8max

This week Huwei has unveiled a brand new flagship, the Huawei Ascend P8 a "frameless" 5.2-inch device that packs a punch. Along side this new flagship unveiling comes another brand new device, a super sized version of the very same device, blurring the line between phone and tablet.

GoPro is Working on Their Own Quadcopter

GoPro's rumoured dabble into drones began as early as last year, and now it's official. GoPro CEO Nick Woodman has announced that the company is going to build its very own quadcopter with sights set on a first half of 2016 release.

Rumour: Is Huawei developing its own operating system?

It's rumoured that Kirin is the name of Huawei's new operating system The latest tech rumour is centred on Chinese telecommunications company, Huawei, which has...

Periscope Finally Lands on Android

Periscope has finally made its Android debut. This comes just a few weeks after another live-streaming app and Periscope competitor, Meerkat, landed on Google's operating system.

The bezel-less ZTE Nubia X8 leaked

Reportedly, there was a page featuring the Nubia X8 on an official ZTE website but it was taken down. However, a user managed to get a picture and the specs of the device before the page was removed. From the specs, it appears to be a compelling phone.
El Capitan Feature

Say hello to OS X El Capitan. Hitting your Mac this...

Let’s start off but covering the fact the El Capitan is going to allowed users to work smarter and faster on the things that matter. As the last update allows users to work across all their devices in sync. El Capitan is looks to take that and step it up a level. The performance of El Capitan will see huge improvements from launching apps 1.4x faster, 2x faster at switching apps and 4x faster at opening PDF files which is something I personally welcome. In addition to this El Capitan we see Metal, the iOS graphics technology finally landing on our computers.

Has LG Just Acquired Meerkat?

Meerkat, the popular live-streaming mobile app might have finally been acquired but not by the likes of Facebook like rumours have suggested, but by Korean tech giant LG which is fairly peculiar. According to a trademark which was filed earlier this week the company may have quietly purchased the company and is currently getting things in order for an official announcement.

Snapchat Takes up 75 Per Cent of Data Usage in the...

Could I have sounded like less of an old man in that tagline? Probably.. but I just don't get Snapchat. There, I said it. I'm no longer what could be considered hip. And according to research done by Vodafone, one of the UK's biggest networks, I'm in a small 25 per cent of users who uses their data than sending selfies to random friends.. or something.

Forget Facebook Games, These are Facebook Messenger Games

Once upon a time, Facebook games used to be the place to find addictive games such as FarmVille, Bejewelled, and more. But since the rise of mobile gaming, this quick one tap puzzle and time management games have abandoned Facebook in favour of something that's with everybody all the time. According to The Information however, Facebook games could be making a return but this time within Messenger.

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