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Rumour: Is Huawei developing its own operating system?

It's rumoured that Kirin is the name of Huawei's new operating system The latest tech rumour is centred on Chinese telecommunications company, Huawei, which has...

Research Finds Using Hola VPN is Incredibly Unsafe

For as long as Netflix has been available in the UK many people I know have tossed around the idea of using Hola, a free plugin that allows you to essentially trick your Internet browser to believe you're browsing the web in another country. Seems pretty harmless, right? But according to "Adois-Hola" it's not as innocent as it seems.

OnePlus 2 to Come with 4GB LPDDR4 RAM

With the launch of the OnePlus 2 just around the corner the company are still sharing snippets of information about the new device ahead of time, this time OnePlus has revealed what will be supporting the Snapdragon 810 processor.

Google Glass 2.0 Incoming?

Google Glass was sadly killed off by Google last year, with many who forked out over £1000 to get the odd-looking headset feeling left out in the cold. Fortunately for fans of Glass a new version might be on the horizon as evidence that the program isn't as dead as we first thought, has surfaced.

PayPal Receives a $25 Million Fine of its Own Due to...

Recently you may have noticed PayPal has introduced a "Pay After Delivery" or "Bill Me Later" option which promises to give you peace of mind when ordering things online. It's a new feature which is placed on accounts by default and can often be annoying to remember to avoid. And while many have likely used the option and paid their account at a later date, many have found themselves in a bit of trouble, and this is only half of what PayPal are being fined for.

Fleksy Goes Free Forever

Fleksy, the custom keyboard available for both iOS and Android, will be going free for all users today, what's more, it'll be free forever. This move is in an effort to serve a much larger and diverse set of users to improve the keyboard overall.

TiVo Youtube Pairing.

If you're a Virgin Media customer then you're probably using a TiVo box - as a side note, if you're not using the TiVo...
apple watch edition

Turn your Apple Watch into the Apple Watch Edition for £29.99

If you've been eyeing up the sparkly luxury of the £9,000 Apple Watch Edition but can't quite afford its hefty price tag, then MobileFun have the solution for you in the form of a £29.99 Gold Upgrade Kit. That's right, you can have the look of the Apple Watch Edition, for a fraction of the price, but how?
sony smartwatch 3

Sony’s Smartwatch 3 is Now Available to Purchase

Sony have announced the release of the Sony Smartwatch 3, the next in their line of Android Wear powered wearable devices. For those who are yet to see it, the watch has a square screen and built in GPS to help you keep track of your fitness. Not only does it track how far you have walked or run, it also keeps track of how long you sleep.
answer time

Tumblr to Take-on reddit’s AMAs with Answer Time

reddit's AMA's have seen the likes of the Mythbusters and the President of the United States, among many others, take part in all holds barred Q&A sessions where almost anything goes. But it looks like reddit might have some stiff competition with Tumblr's Answer Time.

LG Awarded Trademarks for LG G3, G4, G5, G6, G7, G8…...

It looks like LG could be planning to release five more phones following the release of this years rumoured LG G4 release as the Korean company has just been awarded trademarks for the LG G3 all the way up to the LG G9.
sony xperia z4

Sony Pictures Leak Also Revealed Details on The Sony Xperia Z5

Following the leak of hundreds of emails from Sony Pictures, one email exchange has been discovered which contains a pitch to Sony Pictures for product placement of the upcoming Sony Xperia Z4 in Sony's upcoming Bond film, Spectre.
Empeopled Screenshot 1 is a new Democracy-lead Alternative to reddit

Last week reddit had a bit of a meltdown following the termination of one of the company's loved members, Victoria. Since then users have been flocking to other websites looking for a neat alternative to "the front page of the Internet" and while sites like offer an identical experience, offers a more democracy-lead website.
huawei ascend mate 7

Huawei to Make the Next Nexus Device?

Rumour has it Huawei will be the next manufacturer behind the next Nexus device Over the course of the week various rumours have surfaced around...

Twitter is up on Users, Down on Earnings

In case you missed it, a lot happened last night when Twitter eventually announced their earnings. First, their quarterly earnings report was leaked by Selerity, but it wasn't how you think. The company actually got the earnings report from scraping Twitter's own investors page.. Oops. Because of this however, Twitters stocks started to dip due to a fall in revenues causing Twitter to not only halt trading, they had to announce their earnings early too. As soon as trading continued, stocks fell almost 18 per cent.

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