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Motorola Gives a Brief Look at the New Moto 360

Following Samsung's tease of their new Samsung Gear S2, Motorola want to remind people of the original round smartwatch, the Moto 360, so like any good competing company, Motorola too have teased their next-generation smartwatch, though I'm not sure it was intentional.

Get Android L’s Material Keyboard from Google Play, Now!

For those a little bit too excited for the release of Google's redesigned Android OS, currently dubbed Android L, you'll be pleased to know you can get a taste of the OS' new Material Design with the Android L Google Keyboard that's available to download from Google Play right now, what's more, no root is required.

Google/Amazon Reactions 101

I'm trying not to chuckle as I write this.  I'm not really sure whether to look at these reactions and say Google and Amazon...
HTC logo

Is This our First Look at the HTC One M9?

HTC have recently been preparing some big announcements for their presentation at the Mobile World Congress in March with many hoping that they'll be showing off their latest flagship which reports suggest is the HTC One M9. With just a few details making the rounds online, the latest leak reportedly shows us what the HTC One M9 will look like.
Cyanogen Mod SGS iV

Don’t Expect CyanogenMod To Come To The Samsung Galaxy S IV

I adore Samsungs line of smartphones, I loved my Galaxy S and I loved my Galaxy Note, I also love the look of the Galaxy S III and the latest addition The Galaxy S IV. The only thing that I'm not a big fan of is TouchWiz. TouchWiz is Samsung's default homescreen/launcher across all of their smartphones and tablets and it's often bulky and not very custom friendly, I'll often find myself downloading Apex Launcher because it closely resembles Vanilla Android - the homescreen/launcher you'd find on Google's Flagship Nexus devices.

Skype for Web Allows you To Skype Friends and Family on...

For a while now one of the main drawbacks of Chromebooks for some users is the lack of compatibility with Skype. Though Google offers a pretty solid alternative with Hangouts, not many people want to make the change from a program that they've become used to. Today that all might change as Microsoft has announced Skype for Web.

Internal Apple Document Claims “Consumers want what we don’t have”

In the ongoing, and seemingly endless, court battle between Apple and Samsung internal documents from the Californian giant have shown how Samsung's rise has Apple sweating...

Huzzah! Twitter is Adding a Native GIF Search Button!

Now there's no need to open your web browser and search for the most perfect GIF as Twitter has now got your back, or at least will have once the feature rolls-out across the board. A new native GIF searching feature is coming to Twitter allowing you to never type a word again and express yourself in GIF format!

Social Network Ello Raises $5.5 Million, Bans Itself from Ever Running...

Ello, the new social network which prides itself on never running ads or seeling user data, has announced this week that they've managed to raise a whopping $5.5 million in funding as well as registering itself as a public benefit corporation, meaning that the company will be in a lot of trouble if they ever run and ad on the site.

Google Releases its Deep Learning Tech, TensorFlow to the World.

Google has made its deep learning tech, TensorFlow, open source, meaning anyone who has an interest in developing apps or programs with deep learning capabilities, now can using TensorFlow.

iPad Mini Air to be released later this year

In a couple of months, Apple is expected to announce a variety of new products including the iPhone 6 and new iPads. However we might be seeing an ultra thin iPad Mini according to a report in China...
xiaomi mi4 2

Xiaomi Takes Over Samsung as the Number One Phone Manufacturer in...

Xiaomi is doing well for itself in China and it comes as no surprise too as the company is often called "the Apple of China." Xiaomi is responsible for smartphones and tablets such as the Xiaomi Mi 3, the Mi 3, and their range of budget Redmi smartphones, and of course the iPad look-a-like, Xiaomi Mi Pad, all of which are exceptionally high spec'd devices at a ridiculously affordable price. For a while now analysts have been reporting that Xiaomi have been doing well, shooting up the ranks as one of the best smartphone vendors in China, now it seems that Xiaomi are the best.

Tesco is Planning to Either Sell or Close BlinkBox

It looks like Tesco is mulling over either selling or closing down its movie and TV streaming service BlinkBox after just three years after acquiring the company, according to The Guardian. According to the publication Dave Lewis, Tesco’s new chief executive, "has kicked off a strategic review of the service and intends to seek a buyer."
Avantree Hive

Avantree Hive Wireless Headphones Review

A general rule that has seemed to follow me for many years is that me and headphones do not get on. At all. Whether it be one headphone dropping sound altogether, wires becoming frayed and broken or headphones straight up falling apart I've seen it all. It would seem that I've found an answer to my problems in a pair of Avantree Hive headphones...

Snapchat Adds New Feautures, Images are no Longer Disposable.

The main attraction behind Snapchat was that you could send an image to a friend that usually consisted of the worst face you could pull, ever.. knowing that it'll disappear off of their phones within seconds. Sure they could snap a screenshot, but overall the images were temporary. Now in the latest update you have the option to 'replay' images and videos you've received making them a little less disposable.

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