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More of the Flash, This Time it’s All of His Body.

Here's the Flash

On Sunday we posted the first photos of Grant Gustin's Flash costume. Today DC comic's posted another photo of the costume giving us a closer look at what our speedy hero will look like.

The Walking Dead Season 5 Has A Release Month.

The Walking Dead Season 4 is nearly wrapped up and once it does fans will just have to wait for the fifth season. Luckily though, Lauren Cohan a.k.a Maggie Greene has recently dished out some information on the next season. The cast are being called back to Atlanta mid-April to start shooting...

Before My Body Is Dry – KILL la KILL Review –...

Welcome to Before My Body Is Dry KILL la KILL Review. 2013/14 has been a great year for anime fans. Shows like Attack...

FOX’s Gotham Has Its Gordon

The synopsis and logo for FOX's Gotham have been released today. It will be interesting to see how the show handles characters like Batman, The Joker and The Riddler and weather they will be anything like their big-screen counterparts.

Orphan Black Is Back! Soon..

Orphan Black was one of the best new series from last year. The amazing Tatiana Maslany plays members of a Illegal human cloning experiment. During the first season of the show we were introduced to at least 6 different clones each with there own characteristic and feel. Tatiana Maslany does an amazing job of creating a verity of nuanced characters, its easy to believe there is a Tatiana Maslany cloning center out there somewhere.

Valar Morghulis in Westeros. HBO Release a New Game Of Thrones...

As if the wait for 6th or 7th of April isn't already long enough. HBO has released another trailer for the upcoming series of Game Of Thrones.

NBC’s Constantine TV Show Casting News

NBC have been working on a series based on the character John Constantine. Constantine appeared under DC's Vertigo label in Swamp Thing and in his own series Hellblazer, he has since moved in to the new 52 universe as a part of the Justice League Dark as well his own series.

First Images Of The Flash

The first images have appeared online of Grant Gustin's Flash costume. Grant first appeared in The CW's Arrows as criminal forensic expert Barry Allen. Barry came to Starling City to offer help solving an seemingly impossible crime and ended up saving Oliver Queen's life and discovering his secret identity...

Things Aren’t So Grimm Anymore

Grimm starts likes most shows these days, young man living a normal life until one day he finds out he has a special power. Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) is a detective working in Portland, while investigating the disappearance of young girl weird things start happening such as a lawyer that looks young one moment and a old hag the next, a man urinating in his garden to mark his territory, and the big bad wolf from the stories apparently stalking young girls wearing red.

Don’t Stop The Signal, Firefly Online Gets its First Screenshot

In the summer of 2013, FOX Digital Entertainment and QMx Interactive announced they were working on a game based beloved TV show Firefly. The game was originally set to be released on iOS and Android smartphones and more recently confirmed for PC through their website and Steam.
Arrow Featurevideo

Arrow Season 2.5 Trailer (UK Spoilers)

A new trailer has been released for Arrow series 2. There trailer which can be found above is for the second half of the series and sets up the end game. Just a quick warning the rest of this article will contain spoilers from the end of episode 14 'Time of Death'.
Heroes Rebornvideo

Heroes Reborn Eclipses Everyone’s Sunday

Capes and masks are starting to become a common thing in the cinema and as the comic book world strengthen it's hold on TV with Arrow and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. it looks like Hiro Nakamura popped forward in time.

Here’s a First Look of Disney XD’s Star Wars Rebels!

Following the unveiling of a handful of tie-in merchandise at this weekend's New York Toy Fair, LucasFilm and Disney have released a handful of teasers for Disney XD’s upcoming Star Wars Rebels TV series.
Power Rangers

n3rdabl3 eMag Preview: An Interview with Power Rangers Stars

Power Rangers aficionado Josh Francis spoke with Mighty Morphin’ stars Steve Cardenas and Johnny Yong Bosch about the iconic show, which dominated the airwaves throughout the 90’s...

ITV Launches LEGO Versions of UK Ads in Preparation for the...

As some of you may be aware the Lego movie is coming up. As what I consider to be one of my favourite advertising schemes, they have decided to take some of the adverts we (at least in the UK) are used to seeing and made Lego versions of them


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