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Find the latest news topics from the world of Virtual Reality, from Gear VR and Oculus Rift to HTC Vive and PlayStation VR.

Games For Change Festival 2018 Announces XR For Change Programming

Today, Games for Change announced the XR programming for the 2018 Game For Change Festival, which runs from June 28 through June 30 at...

HTC Announces Standalone HTC Vive Focus

This week HTC announced the HTC Vive Focus, the company's standalone VR headset that's set to be a direct competitor to Oculus Go.

Pimax 8K VR Headset Breaks Kickstarter Record Set by Oculus Rift

Pimax's Kickstarter campaign for Pimax's new and advanced 200° FOV 8K virtual reality headset, has surpassed the crowdfunding record set by Oculus Rift and have...

Experience the Land of the Dead in Disney / Pixar’s Coco...

At Facebook's Oculus Connect event, Disney / Pixar revealed that fans of the upcoming animated movie, Coco, can experience the land of the dead themselves... in VR.

Affordable and Portable Oculus Go Headset Announced

This week Oculus VR announced the Oculus Go a brand new, completely standalone, and relatively affordable, virtual reality headset.

Turtle Rock Unveils New VR RPG, The Well

Fans of Turtle Rock Studios may be surprised by the developer’s new game, as it won’t be a co-op FPS like Left 4Dead and...

Release Dates for Fallout VR, Skyrim VR and Doom VR Announced

Bethesda have announced the release dates of their three upcoming VR ports. Surprisingly, Skyrim, Doom and Fallout 4 VR are all coming before the end of this year.

Arizona Sunshine to get Free DLC on PSVR

Vertigo Games and Jaywalkers Interactive have announced that PSVR players of their hit zombie title, Arizona Sunshine, will be receiving some free DLC.

PSVR Release Schedule (August 2017)

Following on from our regular weekly PSVR release column, due to the quiet release schedule this month we're bringing you the entire month of...

Standalone HTC Vive Headset Announced

HTC has today unveiled their first ever virtual reality (VR) headset that's completely standalone. However it's currently only coming to Chinese markets. HTC announced the...

PSVR Releases Week Beginning July 25, 2017

Another week, another exciting set of releases for PSVR players out there. We've a trip to our own personal shooting arena, as well as some leisurely golf to try our hands at, and miniature racing!

Fallout 4 PSVR Possibly Leaked

According to a post by a reddit user, Fallout 4 will be coming to PSVR. The photo in question shows a Gamestop catalogue containing promo...

Multiplayer VR Game Age of Heroes Gets a Release Date

OmniGames have announced a release date for their MMORPG-inspired multiplayer wave arena combat game Age of Heroes. The VR game will release July 20...

PSVR Releases This Week (18/07/17)

Greetings PlayStation Fans! This weeks sees the release of some absolutely stellar titles including one which may well be the best VR game ever...

Marvel’s VR Game Coming Exclusively to Oculus

Announced during Level Up!, the video gaming segment at D23 expo, Marvel's new VR game will be coming exclusively to Oculus Rift + Touch....


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