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Quark VR Team Have Created a Wireless HTC Vive

With VR devices now very much a part of mainstream culture, their successes and limitations are becoming clearer each day. One of the main problems of current VR hardware is the number of wires required to make the headset function. The virtual world can be as immersive as it wants but until the users are able to move around untethered (physically) to devices, the experience will suffer.

PSVR Releases This Week (16/05/17)

Prepare your bodies PS VR fans because it's finally here, the game you've all been waiting for. This week marks the release of not just...

Fallout 4 PSVR Possibly Leaked

According to a post by a reddit user, Fallout 4 will be coming to PSVR. The photo in question shows a Gamestop catalogue containing promo...

Battlezone PC Closed Beta Announced

Previously locked to the PSVR hardware, retro tank shoot-em-up Battlezone will be making its way to HTC Vive and Oculus Rift very soon. Today,...

E3 2017: Echo Arena Gets Free Release for Oculus Rift

Echo Arena is a new VR sports game coming to Oculus Rift on 20 July. Not only is the game coming soon, but it will be free for Oculus Rift owners.

Games For Change Festival 2018 Announces XR For Change Programming

Today, Games for Change announced the XR programming for the 2018 Game For Change Festival, which runs from June 28 through June 30 at...
pure vr

The Pure VR Bundle Features 10 Steam-Compatible VR Games

Today, Bundle Stars announced the Pure VR Bundle which is a brand new collection of 10 steam-compatible VR games. The great news is that...
arizona sunshine

Arizona Sunshine Gets a PSVR Launch Trailer

Vertigo Games have revealed a brand new launch trailer for their zombie-VR shooter Arizona Sunshine. The game releases June 27 on PlayStation VR and will...
PlayStation VR

PSVR Releases this Week (28/03/17)

Good news PlayStation fans! This week sees the release of not one, but two PSVR games, Fated: The Silent Oath, and Korix. This may seem...

Roguelike Space Shooter EVERSPACE Gets a Gameplay Trailer

ROCKFISH have released a new gameplay trailer for EVERSPACE, their Unreal 4-based space shooter. The trailer (which can be viewed below) shows off the procedurally generated space vistas of the game while also highlighting the frenetic ship-based combat in action.

PSVR Releases Week Beginning July 25, 2017

Another week, another exciting set of releases for PSVR players out there. We've a trip to our own personal shooting arena, as well as some leisurely golf to try our hands at, and miniature racing!

Celebrate 4/20 With a Rick and Morty VR Game

Set in Rick's garage, Rick and Morty: Virtual Rickality is an hour-long VR adventure game featuring input and voice acting from co-creator Justin Roiland. And of course it's releasing on 4/20, perfect.

E3 2017: FPS VR Game Bravo Team Announced

During Sony's E3 2017 press conference while announcing a slew of new VR titles, Sony announced a FPS VR title called Bravo Team. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ix4cV0fCbE Story developing...
Valve Index Headset

Valve Index Officially Unveiled, Costs $1,000

Following a tease earlier this year, Valve has officially unveiled its Virtual Reality (VR) headset, the Valve Index. It's set to launch in June...

Oculus Are Skipping E3 This Year

For the first time since 2014, VR- giants Oculus will not have a booth at this year's E3. The news comes will come as...

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