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Find the latest news topics from the world of Virtual Reality, from Gear VR and Oculus Rift to HTC Vive and PlayStation VR.

PSVR Releases This Week (11/07/17)

Greetings PlayStation fans! This week sees the release of two games for your shiny VR headsets, one's a horror experience and the other is...

The Invisible Hours is a Virtual Reality Murder Mystery

Set inside a sprawling mansion, The Invisible Hours is a new VR game from Tequila Works in partnership with GameTrust. The player must seek...
tiny trax

Watch the First Trailer For Tiny Trax on PSVR

Velocity 2X developer FuturLab have announced that miniature toy racer Tiny Trax is coming to PlayStation VR.

Arizona Sunshine to get Free DLC on PSVR

Vertigo Games and Jaywalkers Interactive have announced that PSVR players of their hit zombie title, Arizona Sunshine, will be receiving some free DLC.
PlayStation VR

PSVR Releases this Week (18/04/17)

This sure is shaping up to be a great week for PSVR fans. As well as a collection of Indie games there's a WW2...

E3 2017: All-in-one VR Headset Pico Goblin Available For Preorder

Pico Interactive have announced that their all-in-one VR headset the Pico Goblin is now available for preorder. For now, the headset carries a special...

Oculus Shuts Down Its VR Film Studio

Yesterday, in a blog post over on their site, Oculus announced that it is shutting down its VR film project, Story Studio.

Save Every Breath – Dunkirk Goes VR

Three "pulse-pounding, 360 degree short film" experiences have been launched in anticipation of Dunkirk, Christopher Nolan's forthcoming WW2 action drama about 400,000 allied soldiers stranded on the beaches of Dunkirk with nowhere to run and the enemy closing in.

Episodic Sci-Fi Game Downward Spiral Available Now

Inspired by 1970's Sci-Fi and structured like a modern TV show, the first episode of Downward Spiral is now available on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive....

vrgamecritic is Metacritic for VR Only

As Virtual Reality enters its second year on the market, its library of games is growing to a healthy size. More and more publications...

Release Dates for Fallout VR, Skyrim VR and Doom VR Announced

Bethesda have announced the release dates of their three upcoming VR ports. Surprisingly, Skyrim, Doom and Fallout 4 VR are all coming before the end of this year.
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Dragon Ball Z VR Set is an Anime Fan’s Dream

Dragon Ball Z is coming to VR thanks to a brand new Dragon Ball Z VR set from Mega House, that'll put you in the Dragon Ball universe along with Goku, Vegeta, and more.

E3 2017: Final Fantasy XV Monsters of the Deep Gets New...

Square Enix have unveiled a new trailer for the standalone VR game Final Fantasy XV: Monsters of the Deep. The game seems to be...

Marvel is May be Working on some “Really Cool” VR Experiences

Marvel's Jay Ong, the senior vice president of games and innovation at Marvel, has revealed that the company have explored VR and think it offers some "really cool" experiences.

Oculus Reportedly Working on $200 Standalone Headset

According to a new report from Bloomberg, Facebook are taking bold new steps to ensure Oculus gains market share in the commercial VR space....

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