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n3rdabl3 Podcast #28 – Disney and Doctors

This week on the n3rdabl3 podcast, Gage, Dale, and Aaron run through all the top stories from D23 2017 and discuss at length the...
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Podcast #27 – Wild Wild West

This week Aaron, Hayley, Dylan, and Hayden discuss Doomfist's introduction into the PTR. They also touch upon SourceFedNERD's restoration from the hands of corporate...
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Podcast #26: Too Many Remasters

Dylan, Dale, and Gage weigh in on the popularity and the ever rising amount of remastered games. The guys run through a few news stories...
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Podcast #25 – Why Do We Play Videogames?

This week, Dylan, Aaron, Dale, and Spud join us on the Podcast to discuss all manner of different topics as well as wondering why...

Podcast #24 – Nintendo VS The World

On the podcast this week Dylan, Spud, and Dale were joined by a special guest, Kyle Applequist, Product Manager for EndgameTV a Nintendo Esports...
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Podcast #23 – Katy Perry’s E3 Pre-Show

Aaron, Dylan, Gage, Dale, and Spud get ready for E3 without actually talking about it. Hope you like Katy Perry. The Mummy was a flop,...
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Podcast #22 – Splinter Cell Fan Fiction, Please

This week on the N3rdabl3 Podcast, Gage, Dale and Spud run the show and get through some of their weekly dealings with video games.

Podcast #21 – The Far Cry Nontroversy

On this week's podcast, Aaron, Dylan, and Gage talk some controversial gaming news. A select amount of people are upset with the recent Far Cry...

Podcast #20: Bethesda’s Fidget Spinners

This week Aaron, Dylan, Gage, and Hayden are here for the twentieth edition of the n3rdabl3 podcast. The guys discuss Overwatch's anniversary and how well it's holding...
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Podcast #19: Is Couch Co-Op Coming Back?

This week Dylan, Gage, Spud and Dale jump on the n3rdabl3 podcast to discuss gaming topics. Included this week are the new Assassin's Creed leaks...
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n3rdabl3 Podcast #18: NowThis Is a Bad Idea

Dylan, Aaron, Hayley and Gage are here this week to deliver more of the best nerdy chat you can find. The n3rd crew hits on...
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n3rdabl3 Podcast #17 – 2DS XL, Gaming Memories, Outlast 2

This week the n3rdabl3 podcast has a full crew as we jump into some of the best gaming topics around. Dylan, Gage, Mark, Spud,...

n3rdabl3 Podcast #16 – Tears, Pet Peeves, and Time Travel

This week on the n3rdabl3 podcast, Aaron, Gage, Dale and Jake join in to talk video games and it's a roller coaster of emotions. First...

n3rdabl3 Podcast #15 – Nintendo Switch: Dust Collector?

This week on the n3rdabl3 podcast Dylan, Gage, Spud, Dale, and Chole are here to discuss with you the nerdy stuff you need to...

n3rdabl3 Podcast #14 – Early Access, Project Scorpio, Oh My!

This week on the n3rdabl3 podcast, Aaron, Dylan, Gage, Brady and Dale chime in on a number of news topics in the gaming and...

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