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n3rdabl3 Podcast #15 – Nintendo Switch: Dust Collector?

This week on the n3rdabl3 podcast Dylan, Gage, Spud, Dale, and Chole are here to discuss with you the nerdy stuff you need to...

n3rdabl3 Podcast #14 – Early Access, Project Scorpio, Oh My!

This week on the n3rdabl3 podcast, Aaron, Dylan, Gage, Brady and Dale chime in on a number of news topics in the gaming and...
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n3rdabl3 Podcast #13 – Reboots, Leaks & Community

Gage, Aaron, Spud, and Chloe are here this week to bring you a packed episode of the n3rdabl3 podcast! Listen in for a glowing...
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n3rdabl3 Podcast #12 – Switching It Up

The Nintendo Switch is here and we're here to talk about it! On this week's n3rdabl3 podcast Aaron, Hayley, Dylan, Gage, and Andy bring...

n3rdabl3 Podcast #11 – No Title Redux

Episode 11 and just like episode 10, still no title. Aaron, Dylan, Hayden, Spud, and Gage are here this week to bring you quality...
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n3rdabl3 Podcast #10 – No Title

Aaron, Dylan, and Spud are here for episode 10 of the n3rdabl3 podcast! No one left a show title, so, sorry... Catch up with the...
n3rdabl3 podcast 9

n3rdabl3 Podcast #9 – Mighty No. 9

Welcome to the ninth episode of the n3rdabl3 Podcast. This week Dylan, Hayden, and Nik talk Pokémon Duel, mobile games in general, and have a...
n3rdabl3 podcast 8

n3rdabl3 Podcast #8 – Happy New Year!

**Audio currently unavailable** It's a new year and we've got a lot to talk about. Join Aaron, Spud and Dylan as they talk about what...
n3rdabl3 podcast 7

n3rdabl3 Podcast #7 – Christmas with the Richardsons

This episode is a bit special as it's Christmas day, so Aaron and Hayley spend some time talking about Christmas while building a Nano...
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n3rdabl3 Podcast #6 – The Return of the Richardsons

After a brief absence Hayley and Aaron return to the podcast to discuss more things in the world of gaming, tech, and nerd culture! Joining us...

n3rdabl3 Podcast #5 – The Empire Strikes Back

The fifth instalment of the n3rdabl3 podcast went live this past Sunday! With Mr. Bossman Aaron Richardson out at Disney World, Dylan James Cook...
podcast 4

n3rdabl3 Podcast #4 – A New Hope

This week on the n3rdabl3 Podcast find Dylan, of course, and Aaron, Hayden, Nik, and Megan talking about various nerdy things. Today the team are all...

n3rdabl3 Podcast #3 – VR Tho??

Here we are with another week and another podcast, this time featuring two new faces, Alex and Spud! Joining us this week we have the...

n3rdabl3 Podcast #2 – Spooky Edition

Our second Podcast, held just a day ahead of Halloween, was a pretty interesting one. Featuring Broadcasting Manager Dylan Cook as MC as always, the...

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