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n3rdabl3 Podcast #3 – VR Tho??


n3rdabl3 Podcast #3 – VR Tho??
n3rdabl3 Podcast - Season 1

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Here we are with another week and another podcast, this time featuring two new faces, Alex and Spud!

Joining us this week we have the usual MC, Dylan Cook with myself, Aaron Richardson sans wife this time as she’s got a bit of a cold. Hayden is finally back from his jollies, and returning for another week is Nikholai Koolonovich. Newcomers this week is our resident Board Game expert Alex Johnson, and newcomer Reviewer Oliver “Spud” Bottomley.

This week we discuss a plethora of things, including Nik’s obsession with virtual characters, Virtual Reality, Book to Movie adaptations and whether The Battle of Five Armies really featured Five Armies. We also talk about Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, and finally Board Games, of course.

Catch up with the n3rdabl3 Podcast every Sunday at 8PM GMT / 12PM PST on our Twitch channel.

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