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    n3rdabl3 Podcast #34 – All of the A’s

    n3rdabl3 Podcast #34 – All of the A’s

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    Welcome to episode number 34 of The n3rdabl3 Podcast. This week the n3 gang consists of everyone with a name beginning with A. What are the chances? Introducing Aaron, Adam, Alan, Alex, and Angela.

    Topics of discussion this week vary from the launch of Destiny 2 and how Aaron has found the sequel compared to the first. Then we discuss Jamie Lee-Curtis’ return to the Halloween series and how horror has evolved over the years. Then we get into the hot and fairly touchy topic of PewDiePie’s racism.

    Then we end on how Campo Santo’s use of the DMCA take-down could have a massive and somewhat scary affect on the industry.

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