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The n3rdabl3 Podcast #44 – Let’s Wing It…

The n3rdabl3 Podcast #44 – Let’s Wing It…
n3rdabl3 Podcast - Season 1

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Having suffered from “Lack of Internet” for the better part of a week, Aaron offered little to no direction for this week’s episode of The n3rdabl3 Podcast, nonetheless Josh and Tempy took it in their stride and thus this week’s podcast was born.

This week the team rambled on about literally nothing, including rekindling childhood memories by attempting to skateboard again, discussing the latest announcement of Farming Simulator 19 as well as what Aaron thought of Pure Farming 2018 and how he managed to get stuck in London. We’re also sure there’s more talk about curry in there somewhere…

Don’t worry, next time they’ll plan more.

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