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Find the latest previews from n3rdabl3 from comic book first-looks to the latest Early Access releases or behind closed door previews.

Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon – Celestial Storm Hands-on Preview

With the release of another Pokémon TCG expansion, it was time for another preview tournament to test out the new theme decks and scope out the...

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Beta Impressions

This weekend saw the first of a handful of beta test for Activision's upcoming shooter, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and having spent the weekend stabbing myself with health packs, I have mixed feelings. While on one hand, it was enjoyable playing a new shooter from Treyarch, on the other it didn't feel like it'd strayed too far from Black Ops 3, which is a shame.

Preview: NERF Laser Ops Pro

It's not every day your editor messages you to say "Hey, who wants to go to a NERF event?" and if anyone answers that question with anything other than "Oh fuck yes." then they don't deserve their place upon this mortal plane. Naturally, I said yes and boy howdy what a blast did I have!

Worlds Adrift Preview

Worlds Adrift is one of few "Early Access" release success stories, due to the ongoing support from the incredible team at Bossa Studios and their...

Octopath Traveler Prologue Demo Preview

Square Enix's latest turn-based RPG, Octopath Traveler is set to hit shelves July 13. Ahead of this release date, the title received two playable demos,...

G4C 2018: Hands On With ‘Into the Now’

Along with demos of traditional video games and virtual reality video games, there were many immersive VR experiences to interact with at Games For Change Festival 2018. One such immersive experience was Into the Now, which took "players" deep underwater to swim with sharks.

G4C 2018: Hands On With ‘Guide’

All of the games on display to play during the first two days of Games For Change Festival 2018 were located in the New School's student center cafeteria, and the game closest to the entrance was Reframe Games' Guide.

G4C 2018: Hands On (and Off) With ‘Opinions’

At the Games for Change Festival, video games aren’t the only things to experience. Opinions is an art installation/experience by artist and current New...

Unite Berlin 2018: Hands on With Mosaic

Mosaic is the second big title from Norwegian developer Krillbite Studio, creators of Among the Sleep, and this time the developer has moved from...

Unite Berlin 2018: Hands on With Harold Halibut

Harold Halibut is a Nautic adventure game in development by Slow Bros. A small independent studio in Germany. Harold Halibut has a unique take...

G4C 2018: Hands On With ‘BBC Earth: Life in VR: California...

BBC Earth: Life in VR is a series intended to be "a new way to experience stories for the natural world." The demo on show...

G4C 2018: Hands On With ‘HoloLAB Champions’

Do you quake at the thought of mixing chemicals? Memorizing the periodic table? Remembering your safety goggles and close-toed shoes? HoloLAB Champions is here to help...

G4C 2018: Hands On With ‘MyoBeatz’

MyoBeatz is a muscle-based rhythm game by PlayBionic which is intended for neuromuscular prosthesis training, that is, it's meant to assist someone with a...

G4C 2018: Hands On With ‘Attentant 1942’

Attentant 1942 is a heavy, highly stylized videogame that "tells the story of Nazi occupation of those who experienced it firsthand." The full game is based on interviews with eight different survivors of the camps, and also features historical footage.

E3 2018: State of Mind Preview

State of Mind revolves around two main characters, Richard and Adam, who are technically the same person and exist in two separate worlds, the Real and the Digital. With humans ever growing dependence and integration of technology into their lives the stark division between worlds has begun to blur and as they beginning to increasingly overlap.

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