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The BlackBerry Bold 9900

A Week In My Pocket With The BlackBerry Bold 9900

We're all on the look out for a brand new phone every so often, and sometimes the internet can be clogged with reviews surrounding...

Godzilla: The Game Review – Monstrous Mayhem

It’s been a solid 8 years since the UK was graced with a Godzilla game on consoles. Our last monster mash was Godzilla: Unleashed...

No Time to Explain Review: This Just Doesn’t Make Any Sense

Apparently, No Time to Explain has a bit of history behind it. Apparently it had already launched on PC before its Xbox One debut. It had a bit of a troubling time, but now tinyBuild have come away from that with this, a "remaster" for PC, and an Xbox One title that's probably the most frustrating thing I've ever played in my entire life. This, is No Time to Explain.
Guild of Dungeoneering

Guild of Dungeoneering Review: Dungeon Deck Building

Guild of Dungeoneering is a game that reminds me why I love table top role-playing games so much. At the same time as having rekindled my interest in collectible card games. There is something overly satisfying about being able to watch a cute, paper figure step forward towards the final boss only to be destroyed by the luck, or rather lack of, the draw.

LEGO Jurassic World Review

Traveller's Tales have successfully managed to capture the imaginations of both LEGO and iconic entertainment franchise fans over the past ten years by combining...

Hatoful Boyfriend PS4 Review – Love at First Coo

Alright so here's the deal. I've played a few visual novels in my time, but Hatoful Boyfriend is some next-level shit. Ask everybirdie and...

Life is Strange: Episode 3 – Chaos Theory Review: I Should’ve...

After what happened in the last episode of Life is Strange, I didn't think the game's story could get any deeper, but I was wrong, very wrong. This episode is all about answers and that's something that certainly gets delivered, but the answers were to questions you never though about asking.

Vainglory Review: A Mini Mobile MOBA Masterpiece

I'm a MOBA noob, I'll be the first to admit that. I have no idea what or who a Gank is, I think I know what a Buff is, but I'm not overly sure, I just like the various different characters and outfits available in some of these games.

LEGO Minifigures Online Review: An Introduction to the Grind

I love LEGO, I always have. When I was a kid I had around four boxes filled with miscellaneous bricks, minifigures, and more. Unfortunately I don't have those boxes any more, but my love for LEGO still exists.
Divide By Sheep

Divide By Sheep Review: Time to Drown some Sheep

Divide By Sheep, developed by Bread Team and published by Tiny Build, is a game about lasers, sheep, wolves, the Grim Reaper and maths. That might sound a bit odd but I’m deadly serious and it is a brilliant concept. You see in Divide By Sheep the Grim Reaper, ,Grim, wants friends but because Grim can only befriend the dead he unleashes a great flood and drags sheep under. Positioned on small islands with life rafts nearby the player must help get the required number of sheep or wolves onto the raft. You see, Divide By Sheep is a math puzzler game with a super cute art style with gameplay to match.
coffin dodgers

Coffin Dodgers Review: Death Came a Little Too Soon

Remember a little while back when Milky Tea launched their Kickstarter campaign for their OAP Kart Racer, Coffin Dodgers? Well sadly it barely even scratched the surface of its £65,000 goal, so instead they continued developing the game, and launched it onto Early Access instead. After a short period, the game has finally launched, but it seems it was resurrected a little too soon.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Review

The Witcher series is a strange old bird... Geralt appeared in his first adventure back in 2007, bringing a unique feel to the RPG genre. The games mimicked the likes of Bioware's Neverwinter Nights, the games that would lead on to Dragon Age and it's successors, yet CD Projekt Red managed to bring Andrzej Sapkowski's wonderfully dark world of fantasy, mystery and adult humour into the arena of gaming in a hugely original way.

Dirty Bomb Review: Addictive but Forgettable

Dirty Bomb at its core is a first person shooter that's trying to blend so many things into one, in some cases it feels a little like Team Fortress 2, in others like Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and finally a dash of shooters like Call of Duty are thrown in there, and while this blend of styles works well, it just doesn't scream loud enough in an already crowded market.

Urbanears Humlan Review, The Price of Practicality

This is the tale of one girl and her plethora of headphones, and it’s probably not too dissimilar to some of yours, that is if you can’t walk around in public without your iPod blaring at any point of the day. What? I'm shy.
irig ua 2

iRig UA Review: Finally I can Shred on Android..

When IK Multimedia announced the iRig 2 and its compatibility with Android I was over the moon. Finally I thought I'd be able to make the most of AmpliTube on my Android smartphone. Unfortunately that wasn't the case as despite the devices compatibility with some Android devices, AmpluTube was still limited to just Samsung smartphones. That doesn't mean there aren't any decent alternatives because there are, but you want to make the most of IK's software, right?

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