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The Wolf Among Us – Episode 4 “In Sheep’s Clothing” Review

Episode 4 of The Wolf Among Us picks up a little while after the epic climax of Episode 3. Bigby has been seriously wounded by Bloody Mary, the newly introduced right hand woman of the Crooked Man, to which Bigby wakes to Dr Swineheart attempting to remove the silver from Mary’s bullets and a particularly gruesome QTE to set Bigby's broken arm.
Petyr creepy

Game of Thrones – First of His Name Review

Spoilers are coming. Women. Behind every throne in this epic game, there is a woman, and this week's episode was driven largely by its female...

Telltale’s Batman: The Enemy Within – Episode 2 The Pact Review

Season two of Telltale’s Batman series continues its good run with a second episode that introduces a plethora of characters and more complex dilemmas...

Metrico Review, An Audio / Visual Masterpiece, Until you Get Stuck.

Digital Dreams' brand new platform puzzler set in a sprawling world of infographics, pie charts, and line graphs launched earlier this week and instantly became a part of this months PlayStation Plus offering and for those yet to dive into the simplistic world of statistic based graphics, here's our thoughts on what could possibly be one of the more interesting and possibly one of the best Vita platform puzzlers to date - that is until you get stuck.

The Titanfall Experience on the Xbox 360 – A Brief Review.

Just because Titanfall was one of the main reasons that a lot of you bought an Xbox One doesn't mean the quality of the...

Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Review

Donkey Kong and his family have often joined each cast of characters in other titles and recently they've seen something of a resurgence to their home in platforming. Their latest adventure, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze is the most recent member of this blast back to their home. What's it like though, is it worth your banana budget?

Ticket to Ride (PC) Review

Ticket To Ride, for those who don't know, is a strategic board game for at least two players where the aim is to dominate as much of the map as possible by playing trains in different routes. Since its launch, the game has spawned many spin-offs based on various destinations around the world, starting with the United States, all the way to Europe, the United Kingdom, and even India. It's also received a mobile version of the board game, and now here's the Steam release. But how does it hold-up against the traditional table-top affair?
prison break header

Prison Break S5 E8 – Progeny

SPOILER ALERT! The following will contain spoilers, you have been warned. You can read about episode 7 here in case you missed it. We rejoin Michael...
GT Omega PRO Racing Chair Featured Image

GT Omega PRO Racing Gaming Chair Review

For a while now I found myself the owner of a hand-me-down office chair which had more knobs, levers, and buttons than the Starship...
Amid the Dead Cover

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 4 – Amid The Ruins...

Telltale's first decidedly un-Telltale episode.

#IDARB Review, #insanely #brilliant

When I first heard about #IDARB the word 'sport' was attached to it, and even worse, there was a brief mention of eSport too, something which if you know me, know that I totally can't stand this eSport movement, but actually getting hands-on with #IDARB I realised it was more than a sporting game, it was in fact probably the most fun you can have with a box.

The Last of Us Review – Naughty Dog’s Swan Song to...

I'll start by saying right off the bat-- The Last of Us is not just a master piece of this gen, but of all...
don’s starve

Don’t Starve: Giant Edition PS Vita Review

Ever since Klein Entertainment’s survival masterpiece Don’t Starve swept onto the scene it was pretty obvious that the title would suit handheld gaming, with the pick up and play style of the indie epic begging for a release on a high-powered handheld gaming machine...

Jurassic World Evolution Review

Jurassic World Evolution is the latest park builder from Frontier Developments, this time tackling the carnivorous world of Jurassic World. Life might find a...
Zombies Turned

Black Ops II Revolution DLC Review.

Revolution is the title of the first instalment of DLC for the ninth Call of Duty game Black Ops II and features four multiplayer maps, one Zombies map, and for the first time ever a brand new Zombies Mode along with a brand new weapon to use online...

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