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Dark Souls: Tales of Ember #2 Review

Dark Souls: Tales of Ember #2 yet again delivers a great expansion into the Souls universe.

Life is Strange Comic Review (Issue #1)

Partners in crime (and time), Chloe Price and Max Caulfield, return to the scene in Titan's first issue of the Life is Strange comic series.

The Adventures of Alexander von Humboldt Review

When you were in grade school, depending on where you're from, you may not have learned much about Alexander von Humboldt. Thanks to the...

Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion #1 Review

Its been nearly 10 years since Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba released Umbrella Academy: Dallas and the time has finally come for the third story, Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion, to hit shelves October 3rd.

X-Men Blue #6 Review – Mandripoor Mayhem

X-men Blue follows Marvel Girl and her team of time displaced X-Men as they try to prove themselves as heroes in a world ravaged...

Titan Comics Tekken Collection Review

Titan Comics' Tekken Collection is a fun, fast read that wonderfully portrays the world of Tekken. While Tekken has been a staple brawler for...

Tekken #2 Review – Another Knock Out

The second issue of Tekken continues the fast paced story and action the first issue proved it could achieve.

Penny Dreadful: The Awakening #2.4 Review

Penny Dreadful: The Awakening #4 kicks things up a notch with its fourth instalment. From action, to thickening the plot with familiar old faces, Penny...

Kim Reaper #2 Review – A Reaper With a Conscience

Kim Reaper #2 gives us another funny issue, but this time takes the time to build on the relationship between Becka and Kim as...

Paper Girls Volume One Review

With a name as big as Brian K. Vaughan behind it, Paper Girls certainly has a lot to live up to. His previous work...

Bloodborne #2 Review

Finally the second issue of Titan Comics badass new series, Bloodborne, has released and like the premiere issue, it does not disappoint. My appreciation for this series continues to grow, if only the love and respect that has been infused into this comic was shared with every other video game comic adaptation!

Sea of Thieves #2 Review

Sea of Thieves #1 from Titan Comics had a pretty difficult job to do: Introduce a story into a world where the players themselves tell the tales. That being said, the comic introduced us to a cast of characters perfectly fitting the cut-throat world of Sea of Thieves and had me fully invested, but does this continue in Sea of Thieves #2? You god damn better believe it.

Titan Comics The Wolfenstein Collection Review

Titan Comics has been pushing out more and more video game comics recently. It's always a gamble when taking a game and translating it...

Kim Reaper #3 Review- The Plot Thickens

Issue #3 builds on the foundation laid by the first two and perks our interest with some ominous foreshadowing. TURN BACK NOW IF YOU HAVE...

Review: X-Men Blue #10 & #11 – Toil and Trouble

X-Men Blue follows Marvel Girl and her team of time displaced X-Men as they try to prove themselves as heroes in a world ravaged...

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