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The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is without doubt the most highly anticipated movie this year. It's Star Wars it was always going to be...

Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie Review

After 15 years, there is finally a proper conclusion to - or, if all goes well, the kickstart to more episodes of - Hey Arnold! This much-loved cartoon...

Justice League Review – A Much Needed Palate Cleanser

For years now the DC Cinematic Universe has been riddled with problems, from it's shallow villains, to it's mediocre solo films, to it's attempt to match that of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While Justice League doesn't totally fix all of these issues it is by far the best DC movie in a long time and a huge step in the right direction for the franchise.

‘Experimental Film: The First Success Story of Internet Video’ Review

If you had access to a computer and the Internet in the early-to-mid-2000s, you probably have fond memories of the Homestar Runner flash cartoons.

Thor: Ragnarok Review

Thor hasn't had the best time when it comes to his standalone movies. They have all been rather flat and uninspiring, bordering upon dull; All things considered, Thor: Ragnarok isn't. It's loud, garish and ridiculous from open 'til close, really giving it a sense of character that the Thor series has been lacking.

Pokémon: I Choose You Review

When I first heard that Pokémon was re-booting/re-writing the origins of Ash and Pikachu I was a little taken aback. Like most of the...

The Snowman Review

I’m going to say it upfront, just in the event you don’t read any further into my review - please do not go and...

Kingsman: The Golden Circle Review (Mild Spoilers)

Kingsman: The Golden Circle is described as a "spy-spoof" movie and I think that's horribly unjustified and unfair. The Golden Circle is quite simply too good to be tarred with that brush. Comparing it to movies like Spyhard and I-Spy is quite simply ridiculous, those movies are homeless men vomiting onto the immaculately well tailored shoes of the Kingsman titles.

IT (2017) Review

Do you remember that feeling of sitting around a fire with your friends as you take turns telling ghost stories? Well, no, me neither,...

mother! Review

Where do you start? Well, let's get it out of the way, mother! is exceptional and a true breath of fresh air. Frankly I...

Victoria and Abdul Review

From the moment the words “based on real events… mostly” pop up on the screen you know you should take what you’re about to...

The Glass Castle Review

The Glass Castle can be summed up as follows: Cheerfully heart-breaking, but to leave it at that would be nothing short of criminal. This...

Mindhorn DVD Review

Welcome to the action TV show capital of the world; The Isle of Mann, home to Mindhorn, a sexy genius crime fighting detective who, with the help of a special robotic eye, can literally "see the truth". Played by legendary actor Richard Thorncroft (Julian Barratt) it was the Isle of Mann's most successful show and in the 80s, times were good.

Death Note (2017) Review – Just Don’t

It's common place today that we are rarely treated to an accurate reimagining of an anime to live action film. Death Note is not that film.

The Hitman’s Bodyguard Review

I want to meet whoever pitched the idea of Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds working a comedy/action movie together and buy him a...

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