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Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in The Shell – Movie Review

"Don't send a rabbit to kill a fox." - Wise words uttered by Chief Aramaki before ending a dude with his Long Revolver. Although...

Power Rangers Review – It’s Morphin’ Time

The Power Rangers movie is finally here. For the first time, we have the full cast of original characters Jason, Kimberly, Zack, Trini and...
Logan cover 2

Logan Spoiler Review

Oh Logan. You had me intrigued from the moment I laid eyes on your beard. That forest of animal fur strapped around your chin...
assassin’s creed movie

Assassin’s Creed Movie Review – It Takes a Leap of Faith…

Game to movie adaptations never go well. NEVER. There's one huge and fundamental flaw in the plan. Story based games tend to have about eight hours of content. Movies tend to be about two hours long. I'm no expert but I can see a discrepancy here. Game to movie adaptations can't fit the content, so they come across as rushed and painfully compressed. They try to maintain the same level of depth and integrity and it NEVER works. Assassin's Creed is certainly no exception.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Review – A Tale...

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story sees Disney try to expand their cinematic universe of Star Wars, but did they do what Fox couldn't and actually a produce a decent Star Wars prequel?
Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman V Superman Review – An Injustice

Following up Zach Snyder's divisive Man of Steel in 2013 comes the Dawn of Justice: the legendary battle between two of Earth's greatest hero. Bat of Gotham versus Son of Krypton. It's Batman V Superman. And it's nowhere near as epic as it should be.

Deadpool Review

The day comic fans have been waiting an almost unbearable time for is finally upon the world - Deadpool has been unleashed upon us! That's right, the Merc with a Mouth is finally starring in his own R-Rated film (MA over here in the Land Down Under)! But, after so much hype, the film was bound to struggle to meet expectations, right? Wrong! Not only did Deadpool live up to the hype, it exceeded it!
ridiculous 6

The Ridiculous 6 Review – A Suitably Stupid Sunday Movie

Let's face it, Adam Sandler hasn't had a great track record as of late. Whatever he releases seems to be followed by a swath of...
Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy Review.

You know what's great? When a whole cinema can laugh together. Do you know what's better than that? When it's exactly the same all around the world. That's exactly what Guardians of the Galaxy has managed to achieve. The film has managed to knock all expectations out of the park and into the galaxy...

Transformers: Age of Extinction Review

The Transformers returned to the big screen last week and over the weekend millions of people flocked to their local cinema to see whats been happening with those robots in disguise for the past three years. I was one of those people and let me tell you, they have returned in style...

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