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Antihero (iOS) Review

Having already spent plenty of time in the PC version of Antihero, there's not a lot I can say about the mobile version that I've already said, however what I can say is that it's probably one of the best couch-play games I've played for some time.

The Escapists 2 Review

The Escapists 2 has already been released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One but now it's finally made its way to the Nintendo Switch....

The Surge – A Walk in the Park Review

The Surge - A Walk in the Park is the first major update to the sci-fi Souls-like title and it's a pretty good one...

Hand of Fate 2 Review

There’s a special place in my heart for games that try something new and do something different. At a time when everything seems to...

Life is Strange: Before the Storm – Episode 3 Review

Life is Strange: Before the Storm has come to an end, and what an ending it was. While those of us who played the first game know that this friendship is somewhat short-lived, it was an almost happy ending for the friendship we helped create.

Bridge Constructor Portal Review

Despite the Portal series being years old now, it has become one of those games which at least everyone has played once, or is in some way familiar with. They know that entering one portal will have you coming out the other, and vice-versa. They know the cake is a lie, and GLaDOS isn't as nice as she makes out she is.
Star Wars Battlefront 2 Title

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Review

Now I'll be the first to admit we're a little late to the party with Star Wars Battlefront 2. But blessings come in all...

Destiny 2: The Curse of Osiris DLC Review – Underwhelming and...

For those that don't have the Destiny 2 season pass, and are wondering if $20 is worth spending on the first DLC for the game, it's not... From the insultingly short "campaign" to the lack of innovative ideas and just straight up lack of content, The Curse of Osiris is pretty much a disappointment in every way, except for the Raid Lairs, but we'll get to that.

Warframe – Plains of Eidolon Review

Warframe's Plains of Eidolon expansion recently made its way to consoles and I took the time to refamiliarise myself with the game and then...

Sine Mora EX Review

Sine Mora EX is the expanded edition of Sine Mora, a side scrolling shoot 'em up released for the Nintendo Switch so you can...

Soldiers of the Universe Review – Good Intentions, Bad Execution

We currently live in a world where conflict and war isn't exactly news to anyone. With ongoing conflicts in Iraq, Syria, and Turkey, the war games we've grown up with over the years are no longer becoming fictional and it's dreadful. That being said, it's these conflicts that could pave the way for a deeper understanding of war and how it affects civilians and refugees fleeing from those countries.

Black Mirror Review – One Broken Ass Game

Regardless of how interesting the story can get, nothing can save it from the shear amount of technical issues this game is riddled with.

Putty Pals Review

Putty Pals is quite simply ridiculous. From the moment it starts to the moment it ends you're assaulted with cheerful music so sweet it gives you diabetes and a riot of bright colours that dazzle your eyes.

Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! Review – I’d Go Back for Seconds

Cook, Serve, Delicious!! is a game about cooking, serving and deliciousing. Your goal is to raise to the ranks of top chef by working in a variety of restaurants and using the money you earn to upgrade your own and make it the best in the world.

Jackbox Party Pack 4 Review – One for the Millennials

Jackbox Games are back once again with another Jackbox Party Pack, this time it's the Jackbox Party Pack 4 which comes with a brand new version of Fibbage and four brand new party games each of which have their own unique feature, however this time around it seems to be a little less family-friendly and a little more for millennials.

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