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Robotech Issue 1 Cover A Artgerm

Robotech #1 Review

Outside "the big two" publishers, nostalgia tie-in comics are big bucks. IDW found success with Transformers and now Titan is trying the same with Robotech. But is this remake worth your time?

Life is Strange #3 Review

The girls find themselves back in Arcadia Bay in Life is Strange #3 to try and find closure after receiving an invite to the...
Attack on Titan Episode 27

Attack on Titan – Episode 27 Review: I’m Home

I noticed two things about this week's episode. The first being that not all supporting cast characters are created equal. Sorry Sasha, nice work...

Westworld Season 2 Episode 1 – “Journey into Night” Review

Westworld has finally graced our screens once again, and this first episode has left us with more questions than answers, setting the stage for...
Attack On Titan Season 3 Episode 17 Screenshot

Attack On Titan Season 3 Episode 17 – “Hero” Review

This week's episode of Attack on Titan delivered impressive action, jaw dropping moments, and a farewell to one of the shows best characters. Did...

Kingsman: The Golden Circle Review (Mild Spoilers)

Kingsman: The Golden Circle is described as a "spy-spoof" movie and I think that's horribly unjustified and unfair. The Golden Circle is quite simply too good to be tarred with that brush. Comparing it to movies like Spyhard and I-Spy is quite simply ridiculous, those movies are homeless men vomiting onto the immaculately well tailored shoes of the Kingsman titles.

The Fall of Gondolin Review

Many people find it surprising when I tell them that new works from J.R.R. Tolkien are still being published, considering the man himself died all the way back in 1973. I say new works, but much of the contents of The Fall of Gondolin, released earlier this year, have already been published.

Hey, That’s My Fish! Review: Devilishly Devious

Strategy board games are often quite complicated, with reems of rules telling you what you can and can't do during your move. This often means that the more in-depth games are hardly accessible to new or younger players. Introducing: Hey, That's My Fish! an incredibly simple strategy game which'll have you pulling apart your family in just a single move.

Hard West Review – High Noon or Should it Be Outlawed?

Games centered on the wild west usually boil down to a wronged man, his six shooter and a cadre of hardened outlaws, just ripe...
Rocket League Xbox One

Rocket League (Xbox One) Review – Teething Problems

This week saw the launch of Rocket League on Xbox One, a game which took the PlayStation and PC gaming worlds by storm when it launched last year. Unfortunately Xbox One players have had to wait some time before they can get a taste of car football action, but has the wait been worth it? Damn right it has.
101 Ways to Die Review #1

101 Ways to Die Review – Get Set for Splatt-er

Since the first sphere dynamically bounced off another surface, developers have seen the potential in using a game's physics engine to test our mental mettle. The physics-based puzzle genre has spawned some superb titles, including Portal, Crush the Castle, PAIN, Cut the Rope, Super Monkey Ball, a plethora of bridge-building games and more. This brings us on to today's subject – developer 4 Door Lemon's 101 Ways to Die, a game about setting up a bunch of fiendish traps to bounce, burn, squish, impale and otherwise send your victims to their doom. In the realm of physics-based puzzle games, is 101 Ways to Die closer to The Incredible Machine or Bad Rats? Let's take a look.

Crush Your Enemies Review – A Patrician Nordic Sport

The archetypical fantasy world is full of kingdoms to be saved and knights to do just that against all odds, slaying monsters and bandits...

Titanfall 2 Review – “Trust Me”

Let's face it, Titanfall's original "multiplayer campaign" wasn't really all it was cracked up to be. It was a lame attempt at trying to blend multiplayer gameplay with some sort of loose story. Sure, it scored you a new Titan once you'd completed it, but it was forgettable and really had no meaning. Titanfall 2 on the other hand comes with its own dedicated single player campaign, and while it's been a long time coming it's definitely been worth the wait.
iO logo

iO Review – Getting Balls Deep

iO is beautiful and infuriating in its simplicity. A colourful little physics based platformer where the player controls a ball that can shrink and grow to overcome obstacles and puzzles. It's simple, get the ball from A to B, don't touch red, yellow moves if you touch it, blue moves on it's own. Green is the goal. White is floor, we like the floor.

Trove Review (Xbox One)

I know what you're thinking... "Isn't that just Minecraft?" and the simple answer is no. Yes, it's a blocky-looking game where Steve certainly wouldn't...

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