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R.A.W. (Realms of Ancient War) Review

I had pretty high expectations for R.A.W. It has been described as a fast paced hack and slasher / looter and in most ways...
The BlackBerry Bold 9900

A Week In My Pocket With The BlackBerry Bold 9900

We're all on the look out for a brand new phone every so often, and sometimes the internet can be clogged with reviews surrounding...

Need For Speed Most Wanted (A Criterion Game) Review.

Need for Speed is back in the driving seat with a new twist which is that Criterion Games, the creators of Burnout have taken...
Assassins Creed 3

Assassin’s Creed III – My First Impressions.

  It's the best thing I've ever played. That is all. Just kidding it's time for my thoughts on, in my opinion this years must have...
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Doom 3: BFG Edition review.

Welcome back to hell. The classic id Software shooter is back, leading up to the twentieth anniversary of the series and in stunning HD...

Hawken Closed Beta Review

I love nothing more than climbing into a giant robotic war machine and reigning terror on other giant robotic war machines, but unfortunately fuel prices are high and...
hell yeahvideo

Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit Video Review

Check out this awesome video review of SEGA's awesome new platformer Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit by one of our writers Ollie. The...

Pokemon Black and White

Are you ready to start your own adventure? A world of mystery and adventure awaits! Lets go!   Here we are again, another year another Pokemon...
Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 Review : Day 2. You’re gonna die… a lot

So I came home yesterday, excited that I could blow off all of my schoolwork to play some Borderlands 2.  As poor of a...

Review | Borderlands 2: Day 1

So due to the fact that the new Borderlands game is so huge, I am going to split the game review up into several...

Little Empire game for iOS & Android

I'm going to start by saying, what a great little game!  I work nights and due to my work I have a fair bit...

LIMBO, A Freakishly Morbid Puzzle Game.

Me and my wife are huge fans of puzzle games, we've spent hours playing through all of the Professor Layton games, we've sat scratching...

London 2012 – Feel the Fever!

So the Olympics are now nearly half way through and lets face it there's no escaping it! Whether it's on TV, radio, in the...
escape rosecliff island

Review | Escape Rosecliff Island

Me an my wife are both HUGE fans of Big Fish Games' vast selection of hidden object games and Escape Rosecliff Island is one...
Project Boom

Review: Project Boom for iPad

Project Boom, the first iPad game from developers Ventora Studios, a relative newbie to the iOS scene, founded earlier this year. The aim of the...

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