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Portal Knights Review: Painfully Derivative

Portal Knights is a game built from the ground up on derivation. It takes but mere seconds to draw parallels and connections with the...

Black the Fall Review (PS4)

I'm going to start this review by addressing the elephant in the room. Black the Fall is a hell of a lot like Inside,...

Surf World Series Review – Hang Ten

There's nothing quite like a good extreme sports game and since it was announced, I've been pawing at a chance to get my hands...

High Hell Review

High Hell is a mostly fast paced action shooter where it's your job to take down Pitchcorp, a big corporation filled with evil demons. It's just you, your gun and a bunch of baddies. It sounds perfect for me but it may not be all it's cracked up to be.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm – Episode 3 Review

Life is Strange: Before the Storm has come to an end, and what an ending it was. While those of us who played the first game know that this friendship is somewhat short-lived, it was an almost happy ending for the friendship we helped create.

Masters of Anima Review

Masters of Anima is an action RPG with a hint of strategy and a sprinkle of RTS sensibilities. It's the third game from Passtech...

LEGO: The Incredibles Review

LEGO: The Incredibles is the latest in the long and illustrious line of licensed LEGO games. Originally catching fire with it's Star Wars line of...

Not Tonight Review

There's been an interesting influx in "new" game genres in the past few years. Simulations of mundane tasks are seemingly hitting stores everywhere. In...

Immortal Unchained (PS4) Review

Immortal Unchained takes the Soul-like genre and attempts to make it it's own with a focus on automatic weapons instead of the usual hand to hand combat we've grown used to seeing in the genre. While it is absolutely something Soul-like fans have been wanting to see, Immortal Unchained stumbles in its execution. What we get instead is an action RPG that struggles to find it's identity among the ever-growing roster of Souls-like games.

Pizza Titan Ultra Review

Imagine a world where gigantic Tokusatsu-style mecha with pizzerias in their chests are storming around your local town with complete disregard for your neighbors when they furiously smash their fists through your living room to deliver you a nice, delicious, hot pizza pie. This is a world that's been realized in Pizza Titan Ultra and it's a bizarre one.

Battlefield 5 Review

Battlefield 5 is the latest entry into EA's illustrious franchise, bringing things back to the franchise's roots in WW2. Amidst one of the worst ad...

SENRAN KAGURA Burst Re:Newal Review

A stripped down review of Senran Kagura

City of Brass Review

First released via Early Access on Steam in 2017, City of Brass makes its debut on the Nintendo Switch. Finally, players are also able...

Tokyo School Life Review

Tokyo School Life is a cringy visual novel that allows you to experience a summer crush story through the eyes of a late teenaged...

Nintendo Labo VR Review

I'll be the first to admit that I scoffed at Nintendo's "Toy-Con" line, known by the fairly bizarre name, Nintendo Labo. Who would willingly...

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