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One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 Review – Action Gum Gum

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3, developed by Omega Force, is the latest instalment in the Pirate Warriors series. Being a fan of both One Piece and the Pirate Warriors series I was very excited to get hands on with One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 and for the first time, on PlayStation 4 as well.

Tap Quest: Gate Keeper Review – Hello Repetitive Strain Injury

When it comes to mobile games, nothing keeps me hooked more than tapping games, this new generation of mobile games which requires you to simply tap on the screen to achieve a certain goal, whether it's to mine bitcoin, dig deeper underground, or in Tap Quest: Gate Keeper's case, destroy enemies.
Project CARS

Project CARS Review: Lap Time Invalidated

As someone who's fond of the Need for Speed series, and has recently fallen in love with the Forza Horizon series, and I almost could have liked The Crew. With that though, I thought I'd try my hand at something a little more serious. Project CARS is advertised as "for the racer" so what better way to experience a proper racing sim than with this game?

The Wolf Among Us – Episode 3 “A Crooked Mile” Review

The third episode of The Wolf Among Us, A Crooked Mile, picks up right where the second episode, Smoke and Mirrors, left off - naturally. A Crooked Mile behings with Bigby reeling after finding information that points to one of Fable towns top brass being the notorious murderer that he has been hunting all this time, there's also the added frustration of some one close to him being in danger...

Borderlands 2 (PS Vita) Review

Just over two years ago, Randy Pitchford stood in front of the assembled audience at Rezzed and expressed an interest in bringing Borderlands 2 to the fledgling PS Vita; Sony's latest handheld system. Fast forward to present day and the fledgling Vita has become something of a bad egg -- technically impressive but lacking the first party support its dual screen contemporary has been afforded.

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 The Complete Review

As a connoisseur of fine survival horror gaming, I've had my fair share of ups and downs with Capcom's series, involving convoluted and confusing plots, so-bad-its-good voice acting and some of the best fun to be had while splattering zombie brains over expensive mansion wallpaper, dusty, African dirt tracks or RPD constabulary's headquarters.
moto x 2014 4

Moto X (2014) Review: More of the Same, but Different..

Earlier this year Motorola unveiled the Moto X, the second generation version of their 2013 flagship device with the same name, compared to its...

Champ Man Review

Square Enix have taken to football management simulation with their Android title Champ Man, and whilst the game is lacking in depth in some areas all in all it is a decent title that will have football fans returning with haste to see how their latest piece of tactical genius will pan out...
Final Fantasy XIII Agito

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Review: They Have Arrived!

Final Fantasy Type-0 is a very different type of Final Fantasy adventure with a darker storyline and real time combat. Type-0 was originally announced in 2006 as Final Fantasy Agito, part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis sub series. Agito was to be a mobile game and be connected to Final Fantasy XIII and Versus XIII which will now be released as Final Fantasy XV.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 Review – We’re not Critics, we...

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater is well known for its soundtracks, with staple songs which have summed up an entire series, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater...

Penguins of Magagascar (3DS) Review, Less Dibble, More Cheezy

To coincide with the theatrical release of Penguins of Madagascar Little Orbit and Bandia Namco released a game of the same name on Nintendo consoles. The core concept of the game takes narrative cues from the movie but with a more video-game friendly story. Our protagonists, Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private, uncover a nefarious plot by the evil octopus to rid the penguin world as we know it, but does this game shine like the orange glow of Cheezy Dibble dust, or is it flatter than a penguins flippers?

Keebles Review: Adorably Difficult

Build a vehicle, save the Keebles, go for the fastest time Keebles is a physics game by Australian Indie developer, Burnt Fuse.  The game was...

The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 15 Review: “Try”

The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 15 Review: “Try” Things escalate quickly in this week’s episode – though they’ve been building for a few weeks...
Trapped-Dead-Lockdown-Zombies (1)

Trapped Dead: Lockdown Review

Trapped Dead: Lockdown is a top-down hack 'n slash from indie developers Headup Games, the title is set in a small American town that is under siege from the undead, with the player receiving the ultimate objective of finding the source of the zombie outbreak. Despite a decent levelling system and a decent range of weapons and abilities Trapped Dead is ultimately its own worst enemy, with an unpolished feel and a very low replay value this third person shooter is unlikely to set the world alight.
Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies Infection Thumbnail

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Exo-Zombies, Infected Review

In the latest map pack for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare comes the second chapter in the game’s Zombies experience. This particular chapter is titled Infected, and as you can imagine, you’re going to be swarmed by those blasted infected Zombies. With their relatively low heath you’re likely thinking that this particular entry into the four-part series is going to be a doddle, right? Well you’re wrong, this is probably the most difficult Zombies mode in all of Call of Duty history.

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