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The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 Review: Get Ready to Geek...

Now I haven't played the first Unwritten Tales game (nor its prequel, The Critter Chronicles), and I will say at the outset, you don't...
HP Chromebook 14 Feature

HP Chromebook 14 Review

With Chromebooks becoming increasingly popular and can be found at most electrical retailers such as Argos. The HP Chromebook is the latest edition to the Chromebook line and can be bought for as little as £249.99, today we're taking a look at the new HP Chromebook 14, which is available in 'White' (basically silver), Turqoise, and Peach. Of course, we were sent the lovely bright Peach variant with DataPass, so how did it perform?

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Review – OORAH

"Welcome to Atlas" you hear, thrown into the world of Private Military Companies (PMCs) after an accident during your time in the military. PMCs in...

SpongeBob SquarePants: Plankton’s Robotic Revenge Review

I'm in my mid twenties and I'm not afraid to say that I love SpongeBob but not in that ironic big-face t-shirt wearing way. I remember the late spring of 1999 around the time when everyone began to panic about the Millennium Bug, an eleven-year-old Aaron sat in front of the television as he usually would on a Saturday only to experience one of the most bizarre, but amazing TV shows of all time, SpongeBob SquarePants.

SpongeBob, Garry, Patrick and the gang became a staple part of my Saturday mornings as I stuffed my face with chocolate cereal, I couldn't get enough of Bikini Bottom, I wanted to taste a Crabby Patty, and I wanted to go Jelly Fishing but alas, I had to grow up. That hasn't stopped me from occasionally flicking over to Nickelodeon whenever the Yellow Sponge is on.

So when Activision announced the release of SpongeBob SquarePants: Plankton's Robotic Revenge I just had to give it a go. I know it's primarily aimed at a younger audience and I'm going to look at it that way. This isn't no blockbuster, AAA title like Call of Duty, or Battefield, but for what this game is, it's a stand up example.

Quell Review: tranquil and relaxing puzzles

Quell, "the puzzle game of logic and tranquility", is an instant classic with its relaxing music and ambient sounds coupled with interesting and at...

Champ Man Review

Square Enix have taken to football management simulation with their Android title Champ Man, and whilst the game is lacking in depth in some areas all in all it is a decent title that will have football fans returning with haste to see how their latest piece of tactical genius will pan out...

The Art of Total War Art Book Review: a Gorgeous Trip...

One thing you must know about me, no matter how much I say I'm going to read something, I likely never do. I'm a...
kick ass 3 feature

Insect-Man Reviews Kick-Ass 3

Hey, my name is Insect-Man. I may not be able to fly or punch things through walls, but I can Kick-Ass 3.. See what...
LG G4 1

LG G4 Review: LG Have Done it Again..

LG have been facing increasingly stiff competition in the mobile market as of late. With Apple having the ability to release any old tat and have millions flocking to their stores; Samsung deciding that bloatware really isn't a good selling point; and HTC who have repeatedly been awarded the best Android device; LG has a lot cut out for them, but with the LG G4 I think they've done it.

Dumb Ways to Die Review Teaching Railway Safety in the Most...

Metro Trains Melbourne might have just stumbled on gold with this campaign. We're all aware of rail safety but not everyone adheres to them, there's still that plank that tries to race the level crossing, there's definitely going to be someone who drops their smartphone or tablet onto the tracks and think's it's safe to climb down and get it, and there's always that one person who stands too close to the edge of the platform and well.. Yeah.

Dumb Ways to Die touches upon these rail safety issues in a light hearted and hilarious manner as well as showing us other dumb ways to die. What began as a public service announcement has now also been turned into a brilliant mobile game that'll definitely kill the time that even the longest commute will take but doesn't stray too far from the original message.

Battle of the Immortals Review

The internet is full to the brim with free MMORPG's. I've tried many of them from games like DarkEden, a vampire vs. vampire hunter,...
3D Mini Golf

3D Mini Golf Review: Cake with no icing

3D Mini Golf, developed by Z-Software and published by rokapublish, 3D Mini Golf is a small offering for a questionably high price. It is one thing to play golf in the real world and then to enjoy it in the virtual and not offer anything special. 3D Mini Golf will give you a basic mini golf experience but lacks the flavour and spice you would hope to make it stand out against other games on the market.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition Review.

Earlier this year a little fighting game graced it's presence on the Xbox 360 and PS3, now said fighting has a Ultimate Edition which includes all the DLC characters, 60 new challenges, and brand new skins, what's more, if you purchase the game on the PS3 you'll also get a voucher giving you the chance to get the PS4 version for a discount price.

Agent Alice (iOS) Review: Like a Carrot on a Stick

Agent Alice launched on the App Store and Google Play a few weeks ago, and since then my wife and I have been settling down of an evening to play through Wooga's new hidden object adventure game. But this isn't just any old hidden object game, there's something unique about it.. almost.. supernatural? But is the episodic free-to-play title full of hide-and-seek goodies? Or does the games in-app purchases and forced waiting times hinder the investigation?

Diamond Digger Saga Review, The New Addictive Game from King that...

If you love Candy Crush you will love Diamond Digger, the next episode from King games. Like Candy Crush, Diamond Digger is easy to learn....

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