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Forza Horizon 3 Review – Do It Your Way

Though I wouldn't call myself a petrol head, I do enjoy cars. I like the way cars look and sound, and I love racing games. Probably the funniest part about my love for vehicles is that I don't actually hold a full driving license... That being said, that didn't stop me from rolling up on Byron Beach in the latest Lamborghini with the power to build my own Horizon festival.

The Haunting of Hill House Series Review

Horror has no doubt become an over-saturated genre, especially around the Halloween time of year. Over the last few years, horror has tried to...

Overcooked Review: Too Many Cooks make for Hilarious Results

Cooking sims, I've played my fair share of them throughout the years, from Cooking Mama, to mobile games, they're simple games which require you to put bits together to create a meal. However, none of these games are quite as panic inducing and hilarious as Overcooked, Team 17s latest game which puts you and up to three friends in charge of your own kitchen.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Review

The Uncharted series began with a bang back in 2007. A surprise hit by one of Sony's exclusive, first party developers, Drake's Fortune breathed...

Superhot VR Review (PSVR)

Every now and then a game comes along which completely proves what the system it is on is capable of. For the N64, Mario...

Telltale’s The Walking Dead: The Final Season, Episode 1 Review

In Telltale's The Walking Dead, fans have watched Clem grow from an orphaned child needing protecting, to a lone wanderer stumbling from group to group and eventually ending up as a parental figure herself. Over the past few years, Telltale has given us 3 seasons full of intense button mashing, nail-biting choices, and tear-jerking deaths.

mother! Review

Where do you start? Well, let's get it out of the way, mother! is exceptional and a true breath of fresh air. Frankly I...

Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 7 “The Dragon and the...

HOLY SHIT that episode was a butt clencher. While a majority of this finale was soaked with dialogue, it was dialogue that was wonderfully written...

Netflix’s The Punisher Review – Gritty, Gory and Badass

Netflix's newest Marvel series The Punisher is hands down the best series so far. Frank Castle is back and itching for some cold blooded revenge.

Chip’s Challenge 1 and 2 Review

25 years after its original release, classic puzzle adventure game, Chip's Challenge, has been revived from the archives of gaming history and released back...

Serial Cleaner Review – No Stain Left Uncleaned

There's something quite satisfying about using your trademark vacuum cleaner to meticulously clean a rug that's absolutely covered in blood, especially when there's a...

Codenames Review – “Tomato Two”

Codenames is one of those games you have to actually play in order to understand the rules. Upon receiving our copy of the game and playing a handful of games, I couldn't wait to tell friends about it. The only problem is, actually explaining the game without any references is pretty difficult.

Rivals of Aether Review – GTFO

I first heard of Rivals of Aether from our editor Dylan as he's pretty involved with the surprisingly huge community around the game. While...

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3 “The Queen’s Justice” Review...

By this point we can pretty much expect that Game of Thrones will deliver great episode after great episode. "The Queen's Justice" keeps that...

The Messenger Review

I was born at a time and in a country where there was an anti-ninja media movement, it was a bizarre time to live...

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