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Scram Kitty and his Buddy on Rails Review

Over a year has passed since the original confirmation of Scram Kitty and his Buddy on Rails. As one of the first downloadable titles confirmed for the Wii U it's been on the radar of many for the past twelve months. Finally the wait is over and we can take a dive into Dakko Dakko's third title. But has the wait been worthwhile or should it be left in the litter tray?

Qora Review

Qora is a side-scrolling low-res adventure game by Curve Digital that puts narrative and experience high above gameplay, with mixed results. Oh, and it’s...
paper mario feature image

Paper Mario Sticker Star Review.

The Italian Plumber returns in his paper and RPG style gameplay and it's one of the best 3DS titles that I own and was...

Skylanders SuperChargers Review: Land, Sea and Empty Wallets

Lets face it, the toys-to-life genre is big business, not only because the starter sets cost near-on £100 to purchase, but because the game's DLC comes in a physical form that you can touch and play with, and the characters themselves are of a fairly high build quality so you're not only getting an awesome collectable, you're also getting something that'll last. With Skylanders Superchargerd, Activision has thought about the play-side of things and has released a new type of toy with this release, a vehicle with actual moving parts. So if you have a car Supercharger, you'll be able to play with it outside of the game if you so wish. But has this additional toy added more variety to the game, or is it a blatant cash grab?

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