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LEGO Marvel Superheroes Review.

Anybody who has played a LEGO video game will know exactly what to expect. They're fun to play and give a LEGO twist on some of peoples most beloved franchises. LEGO Marvel Superheroes is no different to previous games only this time it's huge! I've played every single LEGO game apart from the LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, which I know is where Marvel Superheroes was born from...
FIFA 15 – logo

FIFA 15 Review

FIFA 15 might not be a huge improvement from last year, but it's still an improvement.

Crossfire Review

Crossfire is an awesome free FPS that is a good alternative to Call of Duty or Counter-Strike. It has a large user base and...

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut Review.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution was originally released in the height of the summer of 2011 but Square Enix have now released this reissue of the game and it is a good way to finally play it if you haven't already, what's more it also includes all of the DLC, improved visuals, and tweaks to the AI. This is not your ordinary reissue of a previously released game. This version was originally announced early this year for the Wii U only, but unfortunately for Nintendo a lot of third party publishers lost faith in the Wii U due to the consoles poor sales.

The Wolf Among Us – Episode 3 “A Crooked Mile” Review

The third episode of The Wolf Among Us, A Crooked Mile, picks up right where the second episode, Smoke and Mirrors, left off - naturally. A Crooked Mile behings with Bigby reeling after finding information that points to one of Fable towns top brass being the notorious murderer that he has been hunting all this time, there's also the added frustration of some one close to him being in danger...

Senran Kagura Bon Appetit! review – Cooking Mama-chan

So after my review of Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus, I was looking forward to maybe laying off the fanservice-based games for a little awhile....

Godus (iOS) Review

Godus is a game that was recently released in the iOS App Store and is really starting to gain in popularity. It was made by...

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies Review, Fright of your...

I'm a huge fan of the Call of Duty zombie's modes, a mode that was first introduced into Treyarch's World at War and has...
Naruto Shippuden

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution Review

It is a great time to be a fan of the number one knuckle head ninja of a village hidden in the leaves. The manga finally got round to the fight everyone has been waiting for, the Anime is finally airing some of the best fights the series has to offer and the fifth entry in the Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Storm series has just been released.

Life is Strange: Episode 2 – Out of Time Review

Life is Strange has one of the best soundtracks to a game that I've ever heard. Jonathan Morali and his band Syd Matters who are behind choice of music and the original score together are a genius. I could spend hours just wandering through the town of Arcadia Bay exploring every nook and cranny with this in the background if I weren't already overly invested in the story, and this time the choices aren't as simple as we first experienced in the debut episode.

Block N Load Review: Total Blockbuster

Block N Load is a complete world away from what you'd expect from Jagex. The company is likely known for its long-running free-to-play RPG RuneScape and while they dabbled in a first person shooter with Ace of Spades, I'm sure we all know how that went. So with Block N Load, Jagex are hoping to have learned from the mistakes made with Ace of Spaces and are actually listening to fans. So, making the most of Early Access, Jagex launched an early build of the game and took upon tweaking and adding features in following fan feedback. Shoot to four (or so) months later, here we are with the full release of Block N Load.

Tormentum – Dark Sorrow Review: A Twisted World Beckons

Tormentum - Dark Sorrow is a point and click adventure game inspired heavily by the works of H R Giger. The developers consider it...

Attop No.9808 3-Channel RC Helicopter Review

I could definitely lose my self for a good few hour in a hobby shop. I love all of the little trinkets and gadgets that you can purchase ranging from train sets, to RC cars, planes and of course Helicopters. Today I'm going to take a look at the Attop No.9808 3-Channel RC Helicopter from eBuyer and try to give you my opinion on this awesome gadget.

WWE 2K15 Review – A Great Undertaking or Have We Cena...

Wrestling... The sport of men who enjoy a bit of rough and tumble with other, similar Speedo wearing men. A sport where the winners...
Dark Souls Giant

Dark Souls 2 Review

In its past two iterations, the Souls series has gone from the hostile kingdom Boletaria to even more dangerous climbs in Lordran. Each shows the world a dark fantasy land full to the brim with countless enemies, be they awe-inspiring creatures or fellow Undead trapped in the same situation. Now the third installment, Dark Souls 2, is out there for the gaming community to jump into. This sequel follows its family tree, taking you to a new yet oddly familiar region called Drangleic. Will it be the cliché difficult third instalment or take a beloved series to new heights? Let's find out.

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