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RAID: World War 2 Review – No, Thank You

I'll be honest, RAID: World War 2 flew pretty far under my radar. It wasn't until launch trailers and other things started to fly...

Clock Simulator Review

I have made some questionable decisions in life. The most recent of which was reviewing Clock Simulator for the Nintendo Switch. Seriously, a simulator for clocks....
Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies Infection Thumbnail

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Exo-Zombies, Infected Review

In the latest map pack for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare comes the second chapter in the game’s Zombies experience. This particular chapter is titled Infected, and as you can imagine, you’re going to be swarmed by those blasted infected Zombies. With their relatively low heath you’re likely thinking that this particular entry into the four-part series is going to be a doddle, right? Well you’re wrong, this is probably the most difficult Zombies mode in all of Call of Duty history.

Puzzle House: Mystery Rising Review: A Frustratingly Satisfying Puzzle Game

Puzzle games and mobile gaming come hand in hand, and while the market is awash with puzzlers, does Puzzle House: Mystery Rising stand out from the crowd or does it fade slowly into the mass of button combinations, secret codes, and hidden messages?

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