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Evoland Review

We’ve come a long way in gaming. When the first video game consoles to hit our television screens and gave us the like of Pong we were glued to the screen for hours watching two bars smack a little dot for points. As time progressed so did our technology and we were presented with newer and more powerful consoles, ever expanding the human imagination that we put into video games. From 8-bit pixels to rendered polygons you’d think it was a student’s amateur film, it truly is fascinating how the graphical and fun side to games have evolved. Evoland is one such game that presents the very growth of it and it does it very well.

The Serious Sam Collection Review.

I know this collection came out a good two months ago but I feel that this game hasn't got the appreciation that it deserves. Serious Sam is one of my favourite first person shooters because it’s similar to the old school games from the nineties and the levels are huge. There are so many enemies on screen and you get thrown in uncomfortable situations where you have to find weapons, all by yourself. And finally the one big winner for me is that there is no regenerating health you have to search the level's nook and crannies to find it, otherwise you die.

Splinter Cell Blacklist Review

Sam Fisher's finally back! It's been 3 years since we saw the master spy in action where he appeared in Splinter Cell Conviction. Now he's back as the leader of the newly formed Fourth Echelon with more weapons, more gadgets, more ferocity and a more evil villain, one like he's never faced before. Ubisoft have clearly learnt their lesson since Conviction, but how does Blacklist pair up against some of it's earlier ancestors? And is it really a proper Splinter Cell game?
Remember Me

Remember Me Review

Usually when we think of a city being futuristic we think about silly technological advancements like hover cars, hover boards, Futurama style transportation tubes, and interactive billboards. What we don't consider is government corruption, the destruction of communities for personal gain, and the introduction of technologies to control the very beings that we are and completely alter and destroy our lives in a single pinch.

That however is exactly what Capcom have thought about in Remember Me, a game set in 2084 in a futuristic re-imagining of Paris named Neo-Paris. A time where a new technology called the Sensen has been introduced which at first seems delightful, the ability to share our memories with our loved ones, or remember something ourselves on command. It soon takes a crippling turn when you're shown exactly what the creators of the Sensen, Memorize, want to do with peoples memories and the lives they ruin in order to get them.

Diablo III for Xbox 360 Review.

The popular action RPG series made its début on the Xbox 360 and PS3 today and will be on next gen consoles later on in the year when the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One finally launch. Let me get one thing out of the way before we begin, I've never really played the other titles in the Diablo series so I am going in blind with this game. So far what I've played I'm finding addictive and really fun especially when you play it local multiplayer. This game has already been out for over a year on the PC and there was poor feedback from fans upon release because of the infamous "Error 37" with the DRM. Luckily with this version you can play it offline if you choose to.

So how did Diablo III do?

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Review – Survive. Adapt. Falter

The Cold War is raging on all around. Conspiracies fly through the airwaves like falling leaves in Autumn. Secret government bases are more commonplace than actual government buildings. Paranoia infects everyone. Then it happens. The Outsiders attack. You control Agent William Carter as he fights back with a small team from the XCOM base. The fight against the Aliens however is on a par with the fight against the game itself. Maybe its all a conspiracy. I need to take my favourite gun out to a grassy knoll and contemplate this.

Almost forgot my tinfoil hat.

Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark Review

Curve Studios are the masters of creating great games and being stealthy bastards and making me rage. I mean that as a complement though.

You may remember they released a title last year by the name of Stealth Bastard for the PC. Well today we see the release of the more ‘friendly’ named Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark for PS3 and PS Vita.
magic 2014

Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014 Review

With the ever popular Magic: The Gathering card game growing by the second, it was inevitable that it was going to get itself a video game.

Interstellar Marines: Interrible Name, Stellar Achievement

Ever heard of Zero Point Software? No not the Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator or as some of you may know it the Gravity Gun from Half Life 2. Also to you Stargate fan in the back corner, no, not the oft sought for Zero Point Modules from Stargate: Atlantis - kudos to you however for actually watching that spin off. Wasn't as bad as Universe come to think of it.

Mr Physics Man down in the seats at the back. Yes we can all see you and your dashing pocket protector saving your shirt from the onslaught of the ballpoint slipped surreptitiously into your pure white shirt. It isn't also called quantum vacuum zero-point energy, the lowest possible energy that a quantum mechanical physical system may have.

It is in fact also not something that the UK generally scores at Eurovision.

The Last of Us Review – Naughty Dog’s Swan Song to...

I'll start by saying right off the bat-- The Last of Us is not just a master piece of this gen, but of all...
Tekken Revolution

Tekken Revolution Review

Admittedly, hearing the words ‘free-to-play’ and ‘Tekken’ in the same breath felt like cause for concern, but whilst a few upset fans seem certain that the franchise is 'doomed', there could well be more to Namco’s latest PlayStation 3 exclusive than first meets the eye...
Marvel Heroes

Marvel Heroes Review – Costumed Capers

Its been four years in the making. Four years in a lab being pumped full of chemicals. Four years being scrutinised my technicians and engineers. Four years drinking strange potions and getting super powers. Four years, and now its here. Marvel Heroes burst onto the precious internet universe in a free to play format. Combining this Free to Play format the isometric camera of Diablo and Torchlight with the free to play monetization allows everyone to get into the Marvel universe and get out what they put in. However, its not all super heroes and beating up thugs, there are problems. Can the heroes save the day, or will the villainous problems destroy everything.

Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D Review

I've never really been into the Donkey Kong franchise which is strange considering how much I love the abundance of Mario games available. I guess I've never really the big guy a chance, something which I've certainly found to regret after a good few days playing Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D.

Taasky. A beautiful and simple task manager app.

If you know me and my habits here on n3rdabl3 you’ll know I love task management apps. Today I would like to bring your attention to Tassky.

Contactive for Android Helps Identify that Unknown Number.

I'm sure you can probably recall the countless time's you've been called by a number you didn't recognise and just left to ring out assuming it's an unwanted caller or call center trying to sell you double glazing or a new phone contract, only to realise that it's the restaurant you plan to visit calling to confirm your reservation. Annoying right? Well Contactive helps with that problem by identifying who that number belongs to!

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