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Find the latest tabletop game reviews from n3rdabl3 here. From the card games like Pokémon to traditional tabletop games like Settlers of Catan.

Odin’s Ravens (Second Edition) Review

Every morning Odin the Allfather sends his two ravens Huginn and Muninn around the world to bring back news on how things are going on Earth. After thousands of years of circumnavigating the globe every morning the two ravens have gotten a little competitive and turned it into a race.
T.I.M.E Stories

T.I.M.E Stories Review: A Masterpiece

T.I.M.E Stories by Space Cowboys is a game I’ve wanted to get hands on with for sometime now for a good number of reasons....

Codenames Review – “Tomato Two”

Codenames is one of those games you have to actually play in order to understand the rules. Upon receiving our copy of the game and playing a handful of games, I couldn't wait to tell friends about it. The only problem is, actually explaining the game without any references is pretty difficult.

Quadropolis Review: City Building fun from Days of Wonder

Say hello to Quadropolis, the latest table top game to be released by Days of Wonder. Known for making games of a high quality, the release of Quadropolis comes with the hope of continuing that trend. Putting you in the shoes of the mayor of a city it is your job to build the ideal city with the best strategy. You'll need to outmatch your opponents as you send your architects out to build the best buildings and earn yourself the most victory points.

Dobble Review: I’ve got Dobble Vision

Snap is a game that we've all played at some point in our lives. It's a relatively simple game which requires players to draw a set of cards until two match, the first to spot this match and then yell "SNAP!" while slamming their hand down on the pile is usually declared the winner. Now, take that idea and multiply it by eight, and that my friends is Dobble.
Loony Quest

Loony Quest Review: A Hand Drawn Adventure

Sometimes you need to sit down and play a slightly different board game to what you are used to and when I heard of Loony Quest, I couldn't wait. To the weird and wonderful world of Arkadia where a grand tournament is under way to find the new ruler of the kingdom. Loony Quest is a game for up to five players to sit down, grab a pen and adventure through a crazy but colourful world all in the name of being crowned the winner. It’s a game where you won’t be rolling any dice or working out battle damage but rather following simple, but effective rules, and doing some drawing along the way. A game about having fun over anything else Loony Quest has a lot to offer and my hopes were set high. Was I disappointed? Not one bit.
D&D Attack Wing Mega Bundle

D&D Attack Wing Mega Bundle Review: Take to the skies!

Being a fan Dungeons and Dragons and someone who enjoys tabletop games I’ve always had an interest in the D&D Attack Wing game, so once I was given the chance to check it out I jumped right in. The world of Dungeons and Dragons is vast and deep with a range of interesting lore and characters. Making it’s way to the FlightPath tabletop system allows Dungeons and Dragons to take new life in a way that really makes sense for the series as you take control of the very dragons themselves. The real question is however does Dungeons and Dragons transition from the traditional table top role playing system to the FlightPath system work and if so, just how good is it?
T.I.M.E. Stories: Prophecy of Dragons Expansion

T.I.M.E. Stories: Prophecy of Dragons Expansion Review

T.I.M.E Stories by Space Cowboys continues to grow with the release of its second expansion Prophecy of Dragons. Having already said that the core set is a "masterpiece of tabletop gaming" and praised the first expansion, The Marcy Case, as well. So with the Prophecy of Dragons expansion can T.I.M.E Stories make it three for three and continue impress myself and many others yet again? Sending players back to an alternate timeline where the middle ages are not what you would expect to overcome a sworn enemy and save the land of Algueria, the question is though just how well does the Prophecy of Dragons expansion hold up when put through it’s paces?

Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space Ultimate Edition Review

Scurrying footsteps echo in the sector ahead. A smile full of pointed teeth spreads across an alien face and I blast into the room shredding the puny human apart. Well, I meant to. It turns out that one of the guys playing was bluffing so well that I thought he was a human. Instead of infecting a human I've actually just killed a fellow alien. Looking up from my map I see an unimpressed face looking back at me. My bad.
Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest

Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest Review: Dungeon Fun

There is something great about being an evil overlord and stopping your friends from winning by summoning a horde of skeleton knights to kill them....

Arena For The Gods, Iello’s Take On Miniature Combat

We find ourselves in an Arena, no, THE Arena. Dangerous traps line the walls and pepper the floors. You adjust the saddle on your......
A Game of Thrones: The Card Game

A Game of Thrones: The Card Game Review – Worth Every...

Fantasy Flight Games are known for making some seriously good tabletop games and when I caught wind of A Game of Thrones: The Card Game (second edition) I couldn't wait to jump right in. As a deck building game based on the popular series by George R.R Martin, A Game of Thrones: The Card Game comes ready to play almost straight out of the box. Offering up to four players a chance to experience the world and rules of A Game of Thrones, first hand. A fighting for dominance which can become more fun than you would expect. With such nostalgic value on top of what would be expected as a solid table top game, does A Game of Thrones: The Card Game claim a seat on the iron throne?
T.I.M.E. Stories: The Marcy Case Expansion

T.I.M.E. Stories: The Marcy Case Expansion Review

T.I.M.E Stories by Space Cowboys is a game that I personally called a ‘masterpiece of tabletop gaming’ and praised its design, depth and quality. Having only reviewed it recently the release of the expansion The Marcy Case was one that I could not wait to sit down and play through. Sending you back to 1992, The Marcy Case will have you looking for a young women in the middle of a mysterious epidemic that has ruined an otherwise peaceful American city. Following on from the Asylum scenario does The Marcy Case keep the standard of T.I.M.E Stories up and deliver and equally enjoyable experience?

Carcassonne Review: The Countryside is Made of Gold

As a fan of anything that lets me think I’m being a lot smarter and more strategic than I really am, Carcassonne came at me as a pleasant surprise. A warm and welcoming game on the cover ended up turning out to be on the games I could not put down for sometime thanks to it’s clever design and shocking level of enjoyment. To create such a reaction however one has to question just what Carcassonne does to provoke all of this and how, in what ways, it makes itself stand above all others to become a game that truly is worth singing about.

Hey, That’s My Fish! Review: Devilishly Devious

Strategy board games are often quite complicated, with reems of rules telling you what you can and can't do during your move. This often means that the more in-depth games are hardly accessible to new or younger players. Introducing: Hey, That's My Fish! an incredibly simple strategy game which'll have you pulling apart your family in just a single move.

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