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Find the latest technology reviews from n3rdabl3 here. From the the latest smartphones from LG and Samsung, to laptops from Dell, HP, and Acer.
Wunderlist Multiplatform

Wunderlist Review. The To-Do List With Style.

With the ‘Add to Wunderlist’ update earlier this week I now feel it’s time to give Wunderlist 2 a full review. I've been using it daily across multiple platforms, trying all the updates, features and more for some time so it’s time for the full breakdown. When released a few months back, Wunderlist 2 aimed to redefine the task management app and make it bigger, better and more beautiful then ever before. However, did 6Wunderkinder pull off the act of revolutionising their to-do list, task management product?
LG G4 1

LG G4 Review: LG Have Done it Again..

LG have been facing increasingly stiff competition in the mobile market as of late. With Apple having the ability to release any old tat and have millions flocking to their stores; Samsung deciding that bloatware really isn't a good selling point; and HTC who have repeatedly been awarded the best Android device; LG has a lot cut out for them, but with the LG G4 I think they've done it.

Sudio VASA BLÅ Headphones Review

I'll be honest, I hadn't heard of Sudio before they contacted me asking if we wanted to check out their range of headphones, but I'm glad I did. Based out in Sweden, Sudio is hoping to conquer the UK with its brand of sleek, stylish headphones, good enough to suit the fanciest audiophile.

Lucidsound LS20 Review – Big Sound on a Budget

Lucidsound is one of those companies that strive to not only offer great sounding headsets, but also high quality components without any gimmicks. You won't find any pointless flashy LED's on any of Lucidsound's headsets, what you will find however is functionality, style, and fantastic sound.
Garmin nüviCam Review: The Deceptive Dash Cam

Garmin nüviCam Review: The Deceptive Dash Cam

When you think of dash cam footage you're usually reminded of those crazy Russian YouTube videos where some idiot decides to dive into a car in order to claim personal injury damages, or some pillock who decided to pull into an intersection too early. Either way, you hardly associate them with the streets of Britain, right?

Logitech G920 Racing Wheel Review – Carefully Does It

My experience with racing wheels of any kind has been pretty slim. I think the last time I used one was way back in the 90s when force feedback simply meant that the wheel vibrated somewhat. But with the launch of games like Forza Horizon 3, Forza Motorsport 6, and of course Project CARS, I wanted to see what all the fuss is about and whether playing with a racing wheel made any real difference to the game. Introducing the Logitech G920 Racing Wheel, my test subject.

Native Union CLIC 360 Phone Case Review

Phone cases have become a necessity ever since phones began to cross the £500 mark, which in this day and age is almost every phone. It won't take you long to find a case for your device as the Internet is awash with cases in all shapes, sizes, colours, and patterns. But none of them are quite like the Native Union CLIC 360 for iPhone 6/6S.

Dell Vostro 14 5000 Series (5468) Review

I have a love/hate relationship with Windows laptops. All of the ones I've experienced have ran perfectly fine for around 6-12 months, and then...
irig ua 2

iRig UA Review: Finally I can Shred on Android..

When IK Multimedia announced the iRig 2 and its compatibility with Android I was over the moon. Finally I thought I'd be able to make the most of AmpliTube on my Android smartphone. Unfortunately that wasn't the case as despite the devices compatibility with some Android devices, AmpluTube was still limited to just Samsung smartphones. That doesn't mean there aren't any decent alternatives because there are, but you want to make the most of IK's software, right?
Lenovo Yoga Book

Six Months with the Lenovo Yoga Book: Review

Is the Lenovo Yoga Book the future of computing, or a stylish gimmick? I've spent a solid six months with this beautiful, unusual machine. Here are my impressions.

D-Link DIR-895L AC5300 MU-MIMO Ultra Wi-Fi Router Review

Aside from struggling Internet speeds at peak times of the day, there's another common problem with the Internet which not many people are familiar with: clogged Wi-Fi networks. The issue here is that only so much data can pass through at once, so when you're playing games online, while someone is streaming TV in another room, while someone else is messaging over WhatsApp and browsing the web, all of this data ends up getting bottle-necked.

Chromebook 13 3380 Education Review – Surprise, It’s Touch Screen!

I've always loved Google's Chromebook initiative. These lightweight, affordable, and long-lasting laptops might lack the functionality of your usual Windows PC, but what they...

Parrot Airborne Night MiniDrone Review

Drones are becoming pretty popular with most hobby and gadget shops being filled to the rafters with ranges of quad copters and RC helicopters, and while Parrot has had varied success with its more premium Bebop drones, they've recently entered the market with a range of much smaller drones, drones which work on both land, sea, and air. We managed to get hands-on with one of the new MiniDrones, but how do they perform in comparison to other more entry-level offerings?

Dell Inspiron 5675 (Ryzen 7) Review

Dell is probably better known for its ventures into the realm of gaming with its Alienware brand. That wasn't quite enough for the computer...

Merge VR Headset Review – Affordable, Inclusive and Purple

Offered at the same price point as the Samsung Gear VR at release last year, the Merge VR is pitting itself against some very...

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