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Fargo Title

Fargo “The Rooster Prince” Review.

Fargo has already set itself up to be a pretty gritty dark comedy drama with the first episode alone shaking the little townships of Minnesota more than a particularly constipated dog trying to curl a turd.. The story, along with the characters that tell it also had me cracking more than a smile at situations that one probably shouldn't laugh at.
Petyr creepy

Game of Thrones – First of His Name Review

Spoilers are coming. Women. Behind every throne in this epic game, there is a woman, and this week's episode was driven largely by its female...
Fargo Title

Fargo “The Crocodile’s Dilemma” Review

Okay, I'm a few weeks behind, but here in the UK we're an episode or two behind the US airing of Fargo, the dark-comedy TV series starring Martin Freeman and Billy Bob Thornton, so I thought I better catch up and get on with my review of the show that totally surprised me, and I'm totally in love with - if that didn't already spoil my review..

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