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New Scientist Live 2018: The Genome Editing Revolution with Dr. Helen...

Gene editing has been a hot and controversial topic recently thanks to the discovery of CRISPR Gene Editing. CRISPR, and the plethora of tools...

New Scientist Live 2018: How to Defend Earth From Asteroids with...

Space is a pretty dangerous place, not just because of the endless vacuum or possible threat of annihilation from some alien race intent on...

New Scientist Live 2018: Anti-Social Media with Paul Bernal

Cyber bullying and anti-social online behaviours have been making headlines more and more recently, with the ever-increasing integration of the internet into our daily lives it's hardly unexpected.

New Scientist Live 2018: How Robots Really Think with Ingmar Posner

The term AI conjures up a different image depending on who you talk to, for most, it’s the stereotypical sentient robot capable of coherent...

New Scientist Live 2018: Plastic Electronics – The Future of Smart...

At New Scientist Live 2018 Dr. Jess Wade gave a fascinating talk on the future of plastic electronics, showing a deep passion for the...

This Gas-powered iPhone 6 Lasted for an Entire Week Without Charge

Remember when our mobile phones lasted for weeks without going anywhere near a charger? Sure, they had much less functionality than today's smartphones and this has caused battery power to be one of the most sought-after things when it comes to choosing our next smartphones. But what if your next iPhone lasted a week on a single charge?

Breakthrough Listen is a $100 Million Search for Alien Life

Now humans have all but conquered space travel and have finally reached the final planet(ish) in our solar system, some people have decided to look more into who else may be out there. Those people are physisist Stephen Hawking and Internet investor Yuri Milner along with UC Berkeley who have committed $100 million over 10 years in search of alien life.

Don’t Trust Online Symptom Checkers

The above headline seems like a pretty obvious statement, right? Sure, we've occasionally popped onto websites like WebMD to make sure that pain in our stomachs isn't an early sign of some sort of life threatening illness and more often than not we've come away none the wiser as to what's really wrong with us. Says the World Needs Morals When it Comes to 3D...

Rapper, tech wizard, and entrepreneur has recently spoken out about 3D printing people, and by that he doesn't mean those novelty little miniatures of yourself, he means biological 3D printing, which has recently managed to aid human recovery by 3D printing human-tissue-like parts to replace damaged or degraded human tissue. It seems wants there to be more regulations so we don't begin 3D printing entire humans..

Hey Teens, Put Down your Bloody Phone, and get Some Sleep

It's a well known fact now that if you spend an hour or two "winding down" before bed by checking Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and...

SpaceX Confirms Google Investment

Earlier this week, sources suggested that Google was eyeing up investing in Elon Musk's SpaceX space transportation company and now, SpaceX confirms the investment from Google as well as Fidelity who are both collectively investing $1 billion into the project. With the addition of Google and Fidelity and four other major investors, SpaceX is now valued at over $10 billion.

This Adorable Husky can Frolic Freely Thanks to 3D Printed Prosthetics

Here's a shot of adorableness for a Friday evening. Derby the Husky was born with deformed front legs meaning that he couldn't quite run around as a dog should, but with the help of his owner and two 3D printed prosthetic legs he can now run around with the best of 'em.

E-cigarettes Bad for Your Health? Try Bad for Your Computer.

Electronic cigarette use or 'vaping' is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to smoking across the world. Widely seen as much healthier than tobacco, some health experts are sceptical of their safety. Whilst these doctors and academics are focused on the human health concerns of e-cigarettes other risks have arisen from their use... they could infect your computer with malware.
rochester cloakvideo

Rochester University May Have Just Developed a Real Invisibility Cloak

Ah Harry Potter, that book was the first book that got me interested in the idea of owning a garment that would render me completely invisible, though the idea of which seems completely impossible it seems that Rochester University may have solved one of the biggest problems with cloaking. Though don't expect to be purchasing invisibility cloaks any time soon.

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