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20th Century Fox is an American film studio and has an incredibly rich history of releases under its belt in both the TV, Film, and Music Industry.

Empire Cast Photo

Empire Renewed for Season 6, Smollett unlikely to Return

Empire has been renewed for a sixth season by Fox, but it cast doubt about whether Jussie Smollett would be returning, just weeks after...

Alita: Battle Angel Clip Unveiled at The Game Awards

During The Game Awards 2018, Twentieth Century Fox interrupted the video game celebrations with a new trailer for Alita: Battle Angel.

Alita: Battle Angel Gets a New Trailer

Twentieth Century Fox has released the brand new trailer for James Cameron's adaptation of the Japanese, Sci-Fi Manga classic series, Alita: Battle Angel.
Alita Battle Angel Movie Still

Gambit, Alita: Battle Angel, and Dark Phoenix Delayed

20th Century Fox has delayed a number of its upcoming titles, the company announced earlier this week, including Alita: Battle Angel, Dark Phoenix, and of course, Gambit.

Disney’s Acquisition of 20th Century Fox is Official

After months of back and forth and potential competition from Comcast, the merger between Disney and 20th Century Fox has been approved by shareholders. At...

The Predator Causes Havoc in New Trailer

20th Century Fox has released another trailer for the upcoming The Predator reboot giving us another look at the invisible killer.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Cancelled, but it Might not be the End

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been cancelled. Fox announced last night that the hilarious comedy series has come to an end on its network and fans are outraged. Fortunately it might find a saving grace with Hulu, Netflix, and more.

Another Deadpool 2 Trailer is Here to Grab you by the...

After releasing a couple of trailers which barely showed much, 20th Century Fox is back with a new Deadpool 2 trailer which shows us a hell of a lot, and we're not even mad.

New Deadpool 2 Trailer Introduces Cable

20th Century Fox have released a brand new trailer for Deadpool 2 which introduces us to mutant, Cable, and I still can't work out if he's a bad guy, or a good guy.

Fox Juggles Release Dates for Deadpool 2, New Mutants, and Gambit

Deadpool 2 is coming much sooner than previously planned, 20th Century Fox has revealed, bringing the antihero sequel forward to May 18.

Disney Purchase 21st Century Fox

Disney have honoured their founder’s vision of global domination today as they proudly took another long stride forwards in accomplishing that goal. The Disney corporation purchased 21st Century Fox for $52 billion, along with taking on another $13.7 billion of Fox’s debt.

Disney’s Fox Acquisition Rumour Gains More Traction

Disney's rumoured talks to acquire 21st Century Fox have once again gained traction following the initial news going public and stock prices taking a bump.

The First Deadpool 2 Teaser Trailer Arrives

Deadpool is Bob Ross in the new teaser trailer for Deadpool 2. Honestly, I can't even make this stuff up any more.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle Character Posters / SDCC Info Revealed

20th Century Fox has unveiled how Kingsman and Statesman are kicking off Comic-Con 2017 with a bunch of information for Kingsman: The Golden Circle...

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