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22Cans is a new development studio founded by Peter Molyneux. Their debut game was a mobile game called Curiosity, followed up by Godus, which later became Godus Wars.

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22 Cans Have Already Angered Players…

Last night 22 Cans unveiled Godus Wars, essentially a re-release of its original Early Access title Godus, but with the addition of RTS-like battles. It was an attempt to bring back fans following the slew of broken promises from the original release, but thanks to a cheeky microtransaction within the game, they've done nothing but anger players.
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22 Cans Launches Godus Wars into Early Access

After an extended period of not talking to the press, 22 Cans founder Peter Molyneux is back, but not with his tail between his legs after the fiasco that was Godus, instead he comes with another game in tow: Godus Wars.
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GODUS 1.3 Update adds Bronze Age and Weather System.

22 Cans God sim, GODUS has been available through Steams Early Access scheme for a few months now and the team have been keen to share updates on the game that's currently only 41% complete. The latest update, 1.3, adds a few new features to the game as well as finally allowing players to enter the Bronze Age.
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Hands On with GODUS.

GODUS is the new title from Peter Molyneux and his new development studio 22 Cans, where you take the role of a god, you have tiny "Followers" which inhabit your picturesque cube-like landscape and you have complete freedom to sculpt the land around you. Currently I've racked up 10 hours of gameplay on GODUS and it's safe to say I'm addicted, but I don't know why.

Play GODUS First on September 13

22 Cans' studio head Peter Molyneux has announced that his new game GODUS will be coming to Steams Early Access and you'll be able to play it first on September 13th for for $19.99, £14.99 or €18.99 before anyone else - unless they opt for the early access too..

The Prize at the Center of Curiosity: What’s In The Cube...

Curiosity: What's in the Cube was a fairly simple game which involved a giant cube made up of billions of smaller cubes. The aim of the game was to tap the cube to destroy the smaller cubelets in order to reveal a "life changing" prize within the center. That prize has since been won by an 18-year-old Brit named Bryan Henderson who only started playing the game for an hour before he got to the center and won.
Eurogamer Expo

Eurogamer Expo Announces More Games and Developer Sessions

With only 28 days until the Eurogamer Expo things are starting to come together quite nicely! Over the past few days a bunch more...

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