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Assetto Corsa Competizione Screenshot

Assetto Corsa Competizione Launches in Early Access in September

Kunos Simulazioni and 505 Games has this week announced that Assetto Corsa Competizione will be skidding into Early Access on Steam on September 12, 2018.

No Man’s Sky Announced for Xbox One

Hello Games and 505 Games have today announced that No Man's Sky will be coming to Xbox One later this year in the form of No Man's Sky Next.

Portal Knights Review: Painfully Derivative

Portal Knights is a game built from the ground up on derivation. It takes but mere seconds to draw parallels and connections with the...
quarantine screenshot

Quarantine Leaves Early Access

505 Games has announced that their single-player disease-fighting game Quarantine has left Early Access officially launching on Steam.
Remedy Entertainment

Remedy Entertainment’s Next Game will be Published by 505 Games

Quantum Break developer, Remedy Entertainment, has signed a worldwide publishing deal with 505 Games for its new project, an unannounced multi-platform title codenamed "Project 7".

Quarantine Preview

As a gamer who is slowly moving from video games to board games, it's always nice to find a game that is bridging the gap.
Stardew Valley 1_1 Update

Stardew Valley getting Physical Collector’s Edition Treatment

505 Games has announced a partnership with ConcernedApe to bring a physical Collector's Edition of Stardew Valley to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this April.

Don’t Starve Mega Pack Coming to Retail for Consoles

Klei Entertainmenet has today announced that they've forged a partnership with 505 Games to bring Don't Starve and all of its post-release content to retail for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
quarantine screenshot

Become the CDC in new Strategy Game, Quarantine, Coming to Early...

505 Games and Sproing have unveiled brand new strategy game which is set to come to Early Access next month, Quarantine, which has players battle to contain outbreaks and cure diseases.
ABZÛ coral

ABZÛ is Coming to Retail and Xbox One

505 Games has announced that ABZÛ, the award winning ocean adventure game (which gives me the heebiejeebies) is set to come to retail next year. In addition, it'll also be coming to Xbox One for the first time.

Virginia Review – Strange and Confounding

Loading into Virginia, developed by Variable State and published by 505 Games, you are greeted with a 5-7 minute long opening credits sequence, which immediately...

Assetto Corsa Review (Xbox One) – Close, but no Cigar

Assetto Corsa has been around for a good couple of years now. Starting off as an Early Access title on PC in 2013, and releasing fully almost a year later, the console releases have been a long time coming. During that time we've seen many other "true" racing simulators speed by, such as Forza 6, Project Cars, DIRT Rally, and F1 2017.

Mystery Thriller Game Virginia Gets a Cinematic Trailer, Screenshots

505 Games has unveiled a brand new trailer for Variable State's interactive mystery thriller title, Virginia, following the release of the game's playable demo.

More Evidence Points to Another Payday 2 Re-Release on Xbox One,...

It looks like 505 Games are set to release another version of PayDay 2 on consoles, this time it'll come bundled with all of the game's DLC launched up until the end of 2015.

Olli Olli Dev, Roll7 is Working on Something Big

Roll7, The developer behind one of the best skateboarding games this decade has revealed that they're working on something big and have signed on with 505 Games to ensure it manifests.

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