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Alien: Isolation Digital Series exclusive to IGN

In one of the stranger announcements in gaming news announced this year, Alien: Isolation is coming back, but not in the way that you might...

Animated ‘Alien: Isolation’ Series Reportedly in the Works

An Alien: Isolation is set to make a return in the form of an animated series, at least according to a rumor from The...

Alien: Isolation ‘Lost Contact’ DLC Now Available

The latest installment of DLC is now available for Alien: Isolation. Lost Contact is the fourth DLC that has been released for the game,...

Alien Isolation Update Makes the Game Much Harder.. or Easier..

If you've either been struggling with Alien Isolation due to the games difficulty, or you've found that even the hardest difficulty setting is a little too much of a doddle, then you'll be pleased to hear that in a new update for the game, you'll be able to choose both a more harder difficulty and an easier difficulty setting.
Alien Isolation Bannervideo

Alien: Isolation Trauma DLC Available Now

If you've played the survival modes in Alien: Isolation and enjoyed it, well, if pooping yourself while hiding in lockers is your thing, then...

The n3rdabl3 Guide to Halloween Gaming

On a night where the worlds of the living and the dead are supposed to become one, pagan rituals are once again carried out...

Alien: Isolation Review – In Space No One Can Hear You...

Leading up to the release of Alien: Isolation, you would think that gaming was about to hit a high point again. Cries of 'Game...

Alien Isolation Launches on PC Early, Launch Trailer Inside.

Alien Isolation is now available to purchase and download on Steam an entire day before its scheduled release on October 7 - that's tomorrow! So if you prefer a keyboard and mouse over a controller, then what are you waiting for? Download it now!

Alien Isolation’s Survival Mode and Season Pass Detailed

Earlier today Ngan Nguyen, Community Manager at Creative Assembly took to the PlayStation Blog to reveal more details about the game's Survival Mode as well as detailing the season pass that players can purchase along side the game at launch which will give them access to all five add-on packs with up to a 25% discount.

You’ll Avoid Air Vents if you Want to Survive in Alien...

Don't be silly. If you know your Alien movies like the back of your hand you'll know that the air vents are probably the stupidest places to try and hide. I mean, that's where that's where the Alien likes to hide after all. Apparently, however, some of you need a little reminder as to why you shouldn't be crawling around the ducts so SEGA have released another new trailer for Alien Isolation showing you what happens when you decide to share a small space with an Alien.

“Don’t Shoot” In New Alien: Isolation Trailer

As part of their #HowWillYouSurvive video series to get you shaking in your boots for Alien: Isolation. SEGA have released a second video to show you just how bad your decisions can be. A single shot could save you if it's aimed at the right thing, but what about the noise it makes. What could it attract?...

Alien Isolation has Gone Gold, Here’s a New Trailer and PC...

Alien themed spookfest, Alien Isolation, has finally gone Gold publisher SEGA has announced and to celebrate that fact, they've released a new spooktastic trailer for you to feast your eyes on. For those who don't know, when a game goes gold, it means that development is complete and the game has gone to press. The trailer that SEGA has released is the first in a series of trailers that are set to be released in the run-up to the games release on October 7.

You Can Complete Alien Isolation Without Killing Anyone.

A lot of first person games nowadays involves someone with a gun in their hands shooting at someone else with a gun in their hands. I can think of about 10 games which involve that very same concept, so it's really refreshing when a developer announces that you really don't have to kill anyone (or any thing) in order to complete the game and that's exactly what Creative Assembly have revealed about Alien Isolation.

Yay! You’ll be Able to Get Alien: Isolation’s Pre-order DLC Without...

Pre-order exclusives, you either love them, or hate them. Though pre-order bonus DLC packs are like Marmite, more often than not the publisher will eventually release the DLC later down the line, and that's exactly what's happening with Alien: Isolation's Crew Expendable and Last Survivor DLC's which were announced earlier this week.
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Alien: Isolation – Pre-Order DLC Returns to the Nostromo with Original...

Yes, you read that right. Creative Assembly have managed to bag the entire (almost) cast of the 1979 movie Alien to voice the crew...

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