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Alien Isolation Trailer Celebrates A Good E3

Creative Assembly and SEGA had an amazing E3 with Alien Isolation having receiving over 40 Awards Nominations at the event. In celebration they have released a new trailer for game, although the trailer doesn't show off anything new it does show of the games atmosphere and the amazing level of detail found on the Xenomorph.

Alien Isolation is “About 15 Hours Long”

Speaking with The Angry Joe Show, Creative Assembly's lead game designer Gary Napper gave some insight as to how long players can expect to be exploring the dark, eerie and deserted space station as well as revealing that there is, of course, more than one Alien.

Meet The Cast Of Creative Assembly’s Alien Isolation

A new trailer has been released for Alien Isolation the upcoming survival horror set in the Alien's Universe. The trailer delves in to the work done by the team to create the cast of characters that players will meet while trying to survive.

Alien Isolation Is Going Old School.

A new dev diary has been released by Creative Assembly showing talking about their upcoming game, Alien Isolation. The new diary courtesy of Gamespots YouTube page revolves around how the team are dealing with creating a future that is based in the past and honours the original film.

Creative Assembly Announce October 7 Release Date for Alien: Isolation.

Today during their Developer Session at EGX Rezzed, Creative Assembly announced the release date for their upcoming survival horror title, Alien: Isolation, which is October 7!

EGX Rezzed | Hands On with Alien: Isolation

After waiting  for 30 minutes I'm lead into what can only be described as a 'staging area'. Above me the ceiling is obscured by...
Alien Isolation 3

Want to Know Alien: Isolations Launch Date? You’ll have to Attend...

Following the announcement of the full lineup of Developer Sessions that'll be held at EGX: Rezzed this weekend, Creative Assembly have revealed that they'll be exclusively announcing the release date of their survival horror title Alien: Isolation at the end of their Developer Session on Saturday.

Alien: Isolation – Screenshots of Sevastopol

Dripping with malice, every step you take on Alien: Isolation's murky corridors of space station Sevastopol, are hopefully going to be a heart-in-throat experience. Judging by these new screenies, Creative Assembly have got that atmosphere down to a tee.

Be The First in the World to Play Alien: Isolation at...

If you're planning on attending EGX: Rezzed in Birmingham this year, this tasty morsel of news will have you buying your ticket faster than when The Spice Girls announced they were doing a world tour. SEGA's next Alien title, Alien: Isolation, will be available to play for the first time ever at the event.

Alien: Isolation – Developers Needed an Alien Game they WANTED to...

The sci-fi survival horror, based on the original Alien movie, will be set on a lonely spacecraft. In the main role, you'll play the part of Ellen Ripley's daughter. There will be only one Alien that stalks you throughout the ship while it tries to eat your face like a countenance taco while you try to figure out how to dump the slimy sod out of an airlock...

New Alien: Isolation Screenshots Show Synthetic Blood & Xenomorphs

SEGA have recently released a brand new batch of screenshots for Creative Assembly's Alien: Isolation which features eerie workspaces, tools, Xenomorphs, and what looks to be the blood and remains of a Synthetic.. great.
Alien vs Wii U

Alien: Isolation – Sega Say No to Multiplayer and Wii U

I'll start with the bad news... At least to everyone hoping for another FPS game where you can scream 'They're coming outta the goddamn walls!'. There will be no co-operative play.

Alien: Isolation Officially Announced, Shows Gameplay

Aliens: Isolation takes the award for 2013's worst kept secret, having seen a fairly small but totally substantial leak hit the tubes of the internet not more than a couple of months ago..

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