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Entire Encore Presentation of ‘Alien: The Play’ Available Online

After setting the Internet on fire in March with stills and trailers of their adaptation of Alien, the drama club of North Bergen High...
alien xenomorph

High School Announces Encore Presentation of ‘Alien: The Play’

North Bergen High School in North Bergen, New Jersey, swept the Internet last month when their spring play, an adaptation of the 1979 hit...

Here’s How we Could have Improved Alien 3

Just like the Xenomorphs themselves, the Alien Franchise just will not die. Despite a fair few duds in the line of movies they just...
alien xenomorph

Neill Blomkamp to direct the next Alien feature

Neill Blomkamp, director of District 9 and the upcoming Chappie, revealed on his Instagram what appears to be him hinting at him potentially directing...

Alien: Isolation Review – In Space No One Can Hear You...

Leading up to the release of Alien: Isolation, you would think that gaming was about to hit a high point again. Cries of 'Game...

Next Aliens film will be Alien-free

Xenonorphs won't be hopping out chests any time soon.
Alien Isolation Banner

Alien: Isolation – Pre-Order DLC Returns to the Nostromo with Original...

Yes, you read that right. Creative Assembly have managed to bag the entire (almost) cast of the 1979 movie Alien to voice the crew...

Touch an Alien Today with the New Surgeon Sim for iPad...

Have you ever wanted to get up close and personal with a real alien? If you answered "Yes!" then you're all outta luck here my friend, but if you want to poke and prod a virtual alien whilst trying to replace its Gobbleshaft then you are in luck, thanks to the new update for Surgeon Sim for iPad introducing Alien Gworb and six new impossible-to-pronounce surgeries!

Alien Designer HR Giger Passes Away Aged 74

The world has been rocked this morning by the news that Hans Ruedi Giger, better known to many as HR Giger has passed away at 74 after injuries sustained in a fall. The surrealist art genius was best known for his work on design for the movie Alien but added his talents to a wide variety of other works and pieces. Born in 1940 in Switzerland the artist moved to Zurich to study architecture before making a career change into art. Many people make the assumption that Giger only designed the original Alien but his ledger of works goes much further, you may actually be surprised by how much work the Swiss designer did.
motorola yeti

Motorola Gives us a Behind the Sceens Look at Their new...

Earlier this week, on April 1, Motorola updated the "Boot Services" app on the Moto G and Moto X giving the two devices a brand new boot animation and also removing the ".. a Google Company" moniker. One thing I noticed when playing the boot animation was that it was all done with clay and if there's one thing I love more than a good boot animation, it's stop motion animation.

EGX Rezzed | Hands On with Alien: Isolation

After waiting  for 30 minutes I'm lead into what can only be described as a 'staging area'. Above me the ceiling is obscured by...

Alien: Isolation – Screenshots of Sevastopol

Dripping with malice, every step you take on Alien: Isolation's murky corridors of space station Sevastopol, are hopefully going to be a heart-in-throat experience. Judging by these new screenies, Creative Assembly have got that atmosphere down to a tee.

Alien: Isolation – Developers Needed an Alien Game they WANTED to...

The sci-fi survival horror, based on the original Alien movie, will be set on a lonely spacecraft. In the main role, you'll play the part of Ellen Ripley's daughter. There will be only one Alien that stalks you throughout the ship while it tries to eat your face like a countenance taco while you try to figure out how to dump the slimy sod out of an airlock...
Alien vs Wii U

Alien: Isolation – Sega Say No to Multiplayer and Wii U

I'll start with the bad news... At least to everyone hoping for another FPS game where you can scream 'They're coming outta the goddamn walls!'. There will be no co-operative play.

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